Virtual Continent Hopping Day 21 Cape Town

we grabbed a quick flight from Durban to Cape Town, it’s only 2.5 hours.

30 day We’re heading straight out on our tour of Cape Good Hope and hopefully we’ll see penguins and get some time on the pristine beaches.……

There’s lot of things on the itinerary. Check it out and talk about the things that appeal to you. The link has 100 pictures available for your perusing enjoyment on tripadvisor. And there’s more pictures on travel and leisure. I’m sure you can weave a tale by looking at the pictures.

I kept looking at the mountain in the distance, what an interesting shape. I asked one of the locals what it was named. Table Top. But once he said it, man it made sense. It looks like a table top. Very literal people. Oh my the seals were so adorable swimming in the arbor. I’m glad I opted for walking along the board walk by Boulder’s Beach. Wow, so many penguins sunning themselves. Standing there observing, I sensed they weren’t very happy birds.
The ledges overlooking Cape Peninsula gave us such an interesting view of the ocean. The water is such a beautiful turquoise.Cape Point borders Cape of Good Hope which is a nature reserve. Chapman’s Peak Drive reminded me a little of the roads we just left in Lesotho but the view was a heck of lot prettier. The peaks we saw in the distance are called the Twelve Apostles.
I decided I had to put my toes in the ocean, enough looking at it. Clifton Beach looks so pristine, the sand is almost white unlike the dark tan I’m used in New Jersey. I decided to wander a bit. Hmm, there are four coves. I wonder why no one is swimming but after sticking in my toes in the water I discovered the reason. Man is that water cold. I decided to wander some more when I reached Camps Bay. There’s something interesting restaurants but I really want a margarita. I’ve seen a lot of sunsets in my lifetime but this one is frigging incredible.
Oh shit, I lost track of time. Some tour guide I am. I quickly grabbed an Uber to meet the crew for Mystery Ghost Tour. On the ride over I thought about the day, man how does anyone keep all the Cape’s straight. Phew, I arrived at 7:05 thankfully they were all waiting for me.

BCoF: We’re doing a mystery bus tour. You get to put your thinking cap on and write a flash fiction ghost story. 100 words or less

The tour begins at Ferryman’s Tavern at the V&A Waterfront at 7 pm. I was so relieved they didn’t start without me. Our group was so large they didn’t add any other people for tonight.We were driven to Simon’s Town before we began our walk, the guide told us about a mass murderer, baby killer, a mysterious Lavender Lady who haunts the museum, an unsinkable coffin, butchering barbers, exhumed skeletons plus a host of other interesting tales of the unknown. On our ride back a large cat appeared in the fog. All of us screamed.
The guide recommended we purchase the Cape Town Magazine as a souvenir before we leave. We can learn a lot more about this area. I know I can’t wait to read more about THE LEGEND OF THE FLYING DUTCHMAN.
The guide said,”For centuries, seafarers have reported a spectral ship sailing around the tip of Cape Point on stormy nights. Witnesses say that if you hail the ship, it releases rowboats with phantom men who approach you with letters to deliver to their loved ones.
These accounts are linked to the tale of a vessel called The Flying Dutchman that was caught in a storm in 1641 near Cape Point while journeying to Holland from Indonesia. The captain reportedly refused to turn back, swearing he would round the jagged tip of Africa if it was the last thing he did. It was. The boat was destroyed and all the crew drowned that night.
There have been sightings from Cape Point and Cape Agulhas, but don’t be so keen to see for yourself: witnessing the Flying Dutchman is said to be a bad omen.”  I’m psyched, stories like this are right up my alley.

The bonus surprise of the day is actually our hotel. Wait until you see this incredible pool. We’re staying here tomorrow too so don’t worry about missing out on the amenities.…

I can’t wait to explore the infinity pool. What an amazing view. I want to take a dip before bed, I’m to exited to sleep yet. But once I got in my room and saw the deep tub in front of the window. Hmmm. On second thought soaking in the tub in front of the window with a glass of wine or three. I hate wasting. At least we can sleep in a bit because we’ve got an 9am flight, much better than the crack of dawn balloon


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