Virtual Continent Hopping 22


30 Day We’re spending a relaxing day at the hotel.…

If you want to explore a bit, they recommend the Botanical Gardens.

talk about the things you discovered at the hotel or the garden.

We have been told so many times that Cape Town is the most popular city in South Africa. Yes the crime stats show the city has the highest recorded rates of murder, robbery and non-violent property-related crimes in the country. The urban and metropolitan regions continue to be disproportionately affected by crime and violence although it seems major crime is drug-related.

The hotel’s very difficult to leave, that infinity pool with the perfectly adjusted temperature and the incredible view. I’m glad I saved it for this morning I wouldn’t have appreciated it as much as I did soaking in the tub with the wine. I slept so sound. I hadn’t realized just how tired I was until I hit the bed. I’m positive once I get home again I’ll probably sleep for 2 days straight.

Speaking of home, we’ve been virtually gone for 22 days now. I’m glad it’s virtual because in real life I would never leave my fur babies for a month with anyone. It’s hard enough on me just for a week.

I decided to check out the gift shop, oh my what an amazing collection of post cards which I did have as an option for the BCoF prompt. I’m sending one to Ellie I just received one from her.Sounds like she had a grand time where she was. I need to go read her blog so I know what Moeraki Boulders are or for that matter where they are. I think I’ll send one Phoebe and Jack, our fearless leader’s children here on WDC. Hard to believe this group has been going 20 years. I briefly considered joining in on the celebration with some kind of activity but I need to redirect my focus on packing so we can do our move. I’m ready for the next step in our lives. Anyway, the kids will enjoy getting mail from South Africa. Of course, I’ll be sending family and friends post cards as well but I’m doing theirs a bit different. I’m adding the post cards to a scrapbook along with a lot of the photographs I’ve taken. I’m going to call all of the scrapbooks “Can you guess where Gramma is now”. I’m a huge fan of Where’s Waldo? so I think they’ll enjoy my humor.

BCoF Prompt: Pick out one of these things to do in Cape Town and write a story, article, or poem about it.

Neva wanted us to write about some of the other attractions. I chose the Botanical Garden the other day which made me late for the Mystery Ghost Tour which was so much fun. I decided to check out the Iziko Slave Lodge because it’s one of the oldest buildings in Cape Town and was previously known as the South African Cultural History Museum. It was built in 1679 by the Dutch East India company to house slaves. I was surprised how much information had been accumulated documenting slave’s history. I felt sick inside reading what slaves endured because of some of our ancestors. I felt a strange kind of relief knowing my ancestors were never slave owners. My family comes from the British Isles and didn’t come to the states until we were well past the Civil War. I won’t say my heritage was perfect but I do feel a sense of pride knowing we never owned another or thought we did. It’s appalling to me. I’m overwhelmed I think I’ll head back to the hotel and maybe write some on my post cards or get back into that pool. Who am I kidding, you’ll find me in the pool. I’ll work on the cards before we get on the plane.Early flight ladies, we’re heading to Johannesburg.

Blog City: In 30 Day we’re doing a virtual blogging trip hopping from continent to continent. We just left Lesotho up in the mountains where at one time cannibalism was practiced.  In conversation it came up what seasoning  would be used for our bodies if they did seasonings The prompt is for you to decide what seasoning would suit you personally the best? Just think of it as an unusual meal preparation.

That stuck in my head. I’m an older person, they’re probably going to cover me with meat tenderizer for a bit before seasoning me with Peri-peri peppers and blend of dry spices that includes lemon peel, black pepper, and paprika. Peri-peri peppers are moderately hot with a savory and slightly grassy flavor. I bet parts of me will have Braai salt which is a dry rub that can include ingredients such as mustard, coriander, and cumin. I bet they’ll put my hindquarters (upper thighs) in a pot with some bay leaves and curry powder. If it wasn’t my body, I might actually enjoy sampling some of these combinations but on beef or maybe chicken.

What Are Some Of The Most Popular South African Spices?

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