#SOC -22nd

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “brush.” Use it as a noun, a verb, or an idiom. Have fun!

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Aug. 22/2020

As a child my mother raked the brush through my fine hair with a fury ripping loose all the snarled messes free. You would think my hair would learn not to snarl but along the back of my neck all these years later it still does.

There are moments when I brushed death with a tantalizing tease that left behind scars. Some say the scars indicate a life well lived and others say they’re a badge of courage but sometimes I see them as reminders of how stupid and careless I once was.

Some I’ve tried to brush out of sight with makeup to no avail because our bodies radiate a lot of heat. Some I’ve chosen to grow my hair differently which involves another brush activity to my day. And then there are the scars no matter what brush is involved they simply want to show everyone they’re an indication of survival.

Oddly enough yesterday morning there was a spot on my neck that had become red and irritated, I tried brushing it with alcohol to cleanse it and if it was simply a zit dry it out. But that didn’t work so I made a baking soda paste and applied that to it with one of my eyeliner brushes hoping to draw whatever was irritating my skin.

Late yesterday, I brushed my hand across my neck absentmindedly and something sharp pricked my pinky finger. I went to the bathroom of mirrors to look at what could possibly be sharp. Surprise, it was a piece of glass that had finally worked its way out after twenty one years.

You’re probably thinking how the hell does she know how long ago. In October of 1989, I hit a moose with my 1989 Monte Carlo. That was one of my near brushes with death. I have numerous scars on my neck and chest from the windshield. This red area with the sharp point was right smack in the middle of one those scars on my neck.  I’m glad I was able to extract the glass rest of the way with tweezers and today there’s no pain. I think carrying it around 21 years was enough.

Now if you’re wondering why I said bathroom of mirrors, that’s exactly what we have. It’s an oddity that we acquired with our stone house that I’m going to miss immensely when we move. I can adjust my clothes, check my hair to make sure I didn’t miss a spot with my brush. And the other bonus, its a great deterrent for those days when I simply want to mindless binge. It shows everything with all the mirrors, even on the back of the door. There’s nothing hidden in that room of reflection.

At Halloween, with my twisted humor adds jiggly eyes everywhere to add to the creep factor, not only are you seeing way too much of yourself but so are the eyes. 🙂

Speaking of Halloween, it’s only 70 days away.  My favorite holiday, our 12th wedding anniversary. This song inspired our costume on our 10th anniversary.


45179286_10214816196533278_991095241496854528_nDid I remember to tell you about our 10th, we went on a riverboat cruise Halloween costume party on the Mississippi River with friends that live in the St. Louis area. I went as Marie Laveau and my hubby went as Handsome Jack. I can do her cackle mighty fine.

7 thoughts on “#SOC -22nd

  1. Great post, love the photo of you and hubby, and the music. Well that bathroom is amazing. As to the glass coming out of your neck , my sister had a similar experience. She had been in an accident and had gone through the windscreen of a mini. Some twenty plus years later while she was living in Hong Kong she had a pain in her chin ..that also was the re-emergence of glass from the windscreen. …have a good day 💜

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    • Did you do a theme/ costume wedding? Ours was medieval, the food was all typical English fare of the time. No cake, we did seasonal pies. Sword fighting, and the town crier married us. Vic was Robin Hood and I was Maid Marian. The groom was a henchman and the maid of honor was a fair maiden. We had two friar tucks but other than the costumes were quite varied in appearance. The surprise attendee was a sea gull who at first entered my room when I was dressing because I had the sliding glass door open because it was unseasonably warm for Halloween but then the curious gull joined the festivities during the ceremony under the full moon. I would love to hear about your special day. ❤ Lyn


      • Hi Lynn, no our wedding was the total opposite. We just had the vmcereminy at the registry office with direct family and a couple of friends. Then we went to a lovely restaurant and had an autumn themed meal. The soup was in pumpkins for example. But that was exactly how we wanted it. Yours sounds exciting though. I wish I could have peeked in like the sea gull 😇🙋‍♀️🐝


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