Teddy Bear and the Moon

Prompt: How did a teddy bear get on the moon? Write about this in your Blog entry today.

I wondered that myself but than I thought about all the astronauts that have ventured to the moon and hoped one of them left it there for a child to discover looking up at the moon with a telescope. What a great way to inspire future moon travelers.

But than I remembered all the baby decorations available and so many of them have teddy bears curled up on a crescent moon. Such a sweet image. someone had inspiration but who. I went through 4 google search pages and said, I’m not that interested. I know Teddy Bears came to be popular because they were named after the president Teddy Roosevelt. Wikipedia says, “Developed apparently simultaneously by toy makers Morris Michtom in the U.S. and Richard Steiff in Germany in the early years of the 20th century, and named after President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, the teddy bear became a popular children’s toy, celebrated in story, song, and film.”

As a child, I never owned a teddy bear. I had a stuffed collie that I lugged everywhere with me. My first teddy bear was a Steiff Bear, I purchased for myself on my 30th birthday. Over the years, I’ve had some beautiful bears given to me by Vic. My most recent teddy bear is actually a pumpkin bear that was created for me at build a bear by my granddaughter Olyvia last Halloween. I named my teddy Pumpkin but Olyvia told me it needed a spookier name than that so I named him Jack after the pumpkin in the tale of the jack’o’lantern.

I’m curious did you own a teddy bear as a child? And do you know how the teddy bear got on the crescent moon?The teddy bear sleep on the moon

3 thoughts on “Teddy Bear and the Moon

  1. What a sweet post. I didn’t know teddy bear was created because of Roosevelt haha 😄
    I too never owned a teddy bear. My parents never bought any stuffed toy for me. I found one in the garbage when I was 6, it was a rabbit. One of its ear was missing so my mom helped me stitch it so the inside won’t spill out. I adore that toy. My son now has lot of teddy, one if something he chose and it’s almost big as me (I’m 148cm) haha 😄

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  2. Adorable post!
    When I was a child my parents got me lots of teddy bears but I always wondered what was inside them – so I conducted surgeries on them. Leaving me with no teddy bear.😂
    Also, I had a stuffed monkey which was soaked in my mom’s nail polish as I made him a monkey with chickenpox. 😂

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