Today’s theme is “your favorite season.” There are only four to choose from, so which is your favorite…and why? Share a story, a poem, a photo, a drawing, some music, or whatever you wish to share about your favorite season.

Fandango’s Dog Days of August #28

Spring Heard Not Seen©

Silences of a deafening spring surround me,
branches stir, snap, and crackle bitter green.
Nutty birds chirp blue and bicker with glee.
My large ears blind with ignorance.

Bold, purple breezes silently flap,
as grass screams.  Beware worm.
A fierce white robin, such a friendly chap.
My eyes deaf to the pleasant garlicky scene.

Orange citrus boldly streak across
an abundantly cloudless azure sky,
as Moon bows to the sun, acknowledges her loss
and sadly falls slowly, her taste sates me.

I sense the warmth of a new diurnal.
I shake and shudder in ecstatic green alarm,
fear delights me, will this be eternal?
My tongue touches the sensual smell.

I love all the seasons but spring always calls to me the most. I chose a Synesthesia poem form.


Synesthesia in literature or poetry is a literary device that writers can use to create interest in the work. … People with synesthesia have a neurological disorder where when they experience one sense, they involuntarily experience another. With this disorder, someone might actually see sound or taste colors. Writing poetry is about creating visual images and understanding that words have meaning. What better way to be descriptive than to incorporate and explore a topic than with your Five Senses– touchtastehearingsight, and smell.

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