#30 Day Album Challenge


  1. Chuck Berry – Sweet little rock ‘n roller (1959) – 2×LP
  2. Chuck Berry – Golden Decade (1967) – 2×LP
  3. The Best of the Best of Chuck Berry (1987/1994) LP, Cassette, CD

What would an album challenge without Chuck Berry. His style and voice set a standard for music at that time. Performers began to dance, move, and encourage audience participation.

This was released the year I was born. My first exposure to Chuck Berry was in the womb. My parents loved to dance and this along with Maybelline were played a lot.

Now, my personal experience with Chuck Berry began with 45’s with my limited funds. When I replaced the very worn out records I purchased cassette tapes and then eventually my collection of his music expanded to cd’s.

If you look at the amount music he produced it’s incredible. How many artists can say they recorded 300 songs. Crazy huh, but between 1954 and today Chuck Berry recorded 300 songs, many of them in various versions or mixes. Chuck Berry influenced more than one generation of musicians. I still can’t get over the fact that  Johnny B. Goode has been recorded more than 400 times.

I remember seeing him perform this song on the Ed Sullivan show and Ed commented after that he was exhausted just watching him work the stage. He definitely did. The energy was incredible.

I never owned the long playing album double sets, but every single I could swing on 45 I bought. Babysitting paid .50 fifty cents per hour. Teenagers of the sixties took to the portable, less-expensive format; priced at 65 cents each. The average price for an album in 1970 was $3.00-$5.00.

At one of our school dances in 1972, we had a battle of the bands. One of the groups played My Ding-a-Ling. Now, keep in the mind the prim and prissy attitude, the band was interrupted by the Principal and asked to leave because they performed this song. They did a pretty good cover of the song. These days no one would bat an eye..

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