#SOC -tion

The wait is over!! Time once again for SoCS where the lovely Linda writes and I re-write “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-tion.” Find a word that ends with “tion.” Bonus points if you start your post with it. Have fun!” Yeah Buddy. Bo- to the -nus. Or just BONUS!! 🙂 To join in the fun and frolic  rules and ping back.

Fruition.. today’s goal is fruition. Enough, stalling is over. The goal is to organize the garage today so we can get what needs to go up for sale is set up in the garage. Our car is going to sit outside in the driveway for a bit.

Anticipation for me anyway: Exciting news Mik and Eddie finally have their own place so now I can mail packages. I didn’t want to send anything to her mothers. I have stacks upstairs for both granddaughters to mail since both girls now have their own place. It’s been long over due that Gramma thin out all this stuff.

Cooperation, I’m very thankful for a good friend who’s helping me with all the heavy crap today while Vic is out with a perspective insurance client. Yes, he’s masked and taking precautions.

I didn’t want to miss another Saturday stream of consciousness so I’m rushing a bit so I can get dressed and get this revolution going or should I say major re-construction project underway.

Satisfaction , Ruth Bader Ginsburg, served women well. And I want/need to take a moment to recognize her for everything she has done. Ginsburg’s death represents another loss from the ranks of people who have made “serious law and order a mission of their lives. I feel such a deep loss. It know it was a lot to put on a woman of her age to keep us safe and functioning as a constitutional democracy. But she understood our trust in her and took it in stride. Already, male idiots are touting the overturn of Roe vs. Wade. WTF?????

I know when they initially weren’t sure if the cancer growth was in pancreas I immediately thought of Ginsburg’s battle. She definitely gave cancer a run for its money. She was my hero.

I’m grateful that my growth was removable. I’m staying positive that the doctor got it all and I can move forward. But if isn’t than I’m going to fight as strongly as she did.

In the past I’ve mentioned Eleanor Roosevelt was my inspiration. I should have added Ruth Ginsburg as well. She never stopped fighting to the end.

Hopefully, her wishes will be honored that her position will remain vacant until we have new leadership. Women, this isn’t fiction, everything women have struggled to gain is at risk. Our votes matter. Biden/Harris are the only solution to stopping this dictator.

I’m done with hearing millennials pointing fingers saying it’s our mess. Well guess what the future is also going to be your nightmare. I know my generation has made a lot of mistakes, but I also know you’ll be making them too.

Do I like Biden, no I don’t. But I do like Harris. I’m also realistic enough to know that after the Hilary nightmare we won’t have a woman leader for many ions so I’m practical enough to push for having a woman Vice-President.

So vote or you’re one of the pussy grabbing silent supporters. If he’s re-elected than what happens is on you not me because I didn’t blow this situation off.

If you’re supportive of this adminstration count your blessings because they’re not going to last because change will occur if not this election the next one. In the meantime, well I said my peace… and change doesn’t frighten me… but will you handle it as well. They don’t call me the iron woman for nothing and it’s more than just my battles with cancer.

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