#laughing along with a limerick

Esther’s word today is knit.


that human threw a horrendous fit
it takes patience to learn how to knit
our skill evolves with time
unlike a spinning dime
our project increases with each sit

I’ve tried several times to learn how to knit. She said,” it’s so easy.” Yup, I dropped more stitches and had more tangled messes. My project became a Christmas tree decoration. I left the needles with what I had done then cut the yarn and crocheted the socks instead.

Second attempt was a scarf, with her famous words it’s so easy. Another uneven mess and constantly picking up stitches. I gave her my needles and the yarn. I made her a crocheted hat and she finished my scarf.

I’ll stick to crocheting. That I can do. 🙂

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