#30 Day AlbumChallenge


I’m with Sandman what exactly is a Sunday Morning album. I’m thinking probably some kind of religious album but that’s not me. I’m going with my Pagan ancestry.

Eithne Padragin Ni Bhraonain aka Enya was born May 17, 1961 is an Irish singer, songwriter, record producer and musician. Born into a musical family and raised in the Irish speaking area of  Gweedore in Country Donegal. She has cited her musical foundations as “the classics”, church classics and “Irish reels and jigs.”

Aldebaran is my favorite track on the album, I listen to it when I’m meditating. Portrait Out of the Blue is my choice for meditation.

Sunday’s are supposed to be the day of rest and meditating comes close.

Halloween decorations inside are up. Yup, I got my creepy on and it feels so good looking around seeing the witches, Igor, the talking books that move, the spider webs and all the spiders.

Let me share an amusing story with you about Halloween when I had the Air-BnB. A couple from Denmark stayed with me in September while Vic was working in Virginia. My house was decorated like it is now. I’m sure you’re familiar with the adage deer in the headlight look, well, that describes perfectly what they looked like when they glanced around my home..

The woman asked if the room they booked was decorated like this. I said, no it has just fall foliage decorations. She let out a huge sigh. They quickly got themselves settled into the room.

In the morning, the man came down first. I got him breakfast and continued making my pipe cleaner spiders. He asked if he could speak frankly with me. He went into this whole spiel about Halloween and that it was dangerous obsession. He was concerned that I wasn’t coping with reality. I thanked him for his concern.

He went upstairs and a few minutes later his wife came down. Talk about deja vu. She decided that I needed to be counseled about the dangers of devil worship and evil. Seriously, my decorations have nothing to do with Lucifer but that didn’t seem to put her at ease she kept going on and on.

Now, I didn’t appreciate either of their commentary but I didn’t go off on them. I continued making my spiders much to her annoyance. She felt she continue preaching.

Finally, I asked what she and her husband did for work. Come to find out they were both psychologists. The way she said it, rubbed me the wrong way. So to shut the conversation down I said I don’t believe your license is valid here.

I explained to her, Halloween is my wedding anniversary as well as my favorite holiday. It’s the only time of the year adults can be anyone they want. Who doesn’t love dressing up and having fun. I felt annoyed that she didn’t drop it. So I said, you’ll have to excuse me but I have spiders to hang on the webs.

Anyway, it wasn’t much longer before they came down to leave. But of course, they had to give one more pitch about how dangerous my obsession with Halloween is.

I know they meant well but immediately making judgments and then harping about what they consider dangerous based on one brief night in my home was hilarious to me.

I’m going to close with my favorite adage. “Opinions are like assholes, we all have one.”

It’s just about having fun. Life’s too short not to be happy.

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