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Thank you Roger and Melanie

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Have you ever driven the wrong way on a one-way street? How did this come about?

Actually, this is a very amusing story from my school bus driving days. I had driven the wrestling team to an event and after the event we were going to McDonald’s to feed some starving young men. Not many choices at 10:45pm at night in Maine. The coach said, he knew how to get there so I followed his instructions until the oops moment. He said, it’s right up the street. Yup, it was but that street was one way. I said, “I can’t go up that street, it’s one way.” The coach said, “if we don’t hurry up the place will close before we get up. It closes at 11pm.” I insisted I couldn’t, which got a slew of angry boys complaining. The coach said,” come on, no one will know.” “Fine, and I went … knowing this was a really bad idea.” It was. There was a state police cruiser with an officer at the McDonald’s as I came out of the street. The boys rushed inside McDonald’s with six minutes to spare. The coach said, I got this to me as I was digging for my wallet to get my license. I look up to see the state trooper and the coach laughing like old friends.

I got out of the bus and went to hand my license and insurance card to the officer but he waved it away. “No worries, Mike, assured me you came up this street at his insistence.” I nodded.

“For future reference turn on Gilmore and you won’t have to drive up a one-way street.”

“Thank you”. The men shook hands and the officer got in the car. I asked Mike (the coach) how he knew the officer as we were going inside McDonald’s?

“We work together. When I’m not coaching, I’m Detective Mitchell.”

Under my breath, since I was still on the clock, I called the coach a BASTARD.

As a kid, did you ever decide to run away? Did you have a plan? Take a pet? Sandwiches?

I got punished for something my brother did when I was ten years old. I told my mother I hated her and I was going to run away. She said, I had to go the same way I came in this world. Fine, in the morning I went out the door naked as the day I was born. I walked up the street, not having any plan other than I was going. A police officer picked me, gave me a blanket and took me to the station. One of the other officers gave me tee-shirt to wear that covered me like a baggy dress. Another brought me chocolate milk and a donut. This wasn’t so bad and they actually listened to what I had to say. All hell broke loose however once my mother got me back home and I was punished again. But this time she locked me in my room.

You suddenly found you have a hidden talent for playing a musical instrument. What musical instrument do you hope that accompanies your talent? Any particular song?

I’m particularly fond of the sound of a cello, Hauser makes it sound so beautiful. There is something special about the sound of Cello that stirs the soul. Alone, Together is a lovely example.

Do you accessorize with jewelry? There was an opal necklace (cursed) and Slytherin’s locket (also cursed) in the Potter story. Have you had any heirloom jewelry passed down through the generations? Is it more ‘keepsake’ or do you wear it on occasion? (Hopefully, yours was not cursed?)

I’ve gone through spells when I wore jewelry that would give any gypsy a run for her looks. And other times, I wear almost none. I have my grandmother’s necklace, I don’t wear it very often. I’m scared I’ll lose it. My granddaughters will be receiving all of my jewelry when I pass.

Melanie’s Ordinary Muggle Questions:

What ingredients go into YOUR favorite salad?

Red leaf lettuce, kale, spinach, endive, cucumbers, celery, apples and pears, walnuts, and sharp cheese. If I don’t have fruit than tomatoes and radishes.

If you care to, share something that really irritates you.

When a person says their ready any time you are but than you have to sit and wait an hour for them. GRRRRRR

What are your favorite ‘lounging around the house’ items of clothing?  Now that a lot of people ‘lounge around the house’ waiting for the all clear in respect to Covid being shown the door, have those lounging items changed?

I’ve always worn a comfy bathrobe before covid and during covid. I putter around the house then shower and dress for the day. Why ruin nice clothes?

GRATITUDE (as always this is optional) I’m grateful that I have people to love in my life and I’m loved in return. I’m blessed to have awesome fur babies.


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  1. Oh my!! What a SPECTACULAR photo! I’d be very grateful indeed if I had that to look at! ☺ Thanks Lyn for Sharing Your World and some really good stories! I like your attitude when running away…although the nekkid bit might have been beyond my own bravery.. LOL. Have a wonderful weekend!

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