#FOWC dumbfounded


“If we allow ourselves to stay amazed and astounded at the vibrant instants of every day and do not feel ashamed of admitting to being speechless or dumbfounded sometimes, we can uncover unsuspected sparkling gems hidden in the nooks crannies of our mind.( “Skyward, over and above”.)”
― Erik Pevernagie

She prefers ©
to rock and ramble more
than simply create a shamble
but notably tis better
She awkwardly amble for
her age dumbfoundedly defines
brilliant brutality
with if one does say
measurable mentality
but then one might ask
why even undertake
a ghoulish gamble
unless some one admits
who pissed on her pickles
there’ll be walker wars waged
till the truth is told
stopping this shocking
all out scrapping senior scramble

I was listening to another pissing contest among our politicians which led me to this ramble. *Laugh*

I think the word dumbfounded is another one of those compounds I love to ponder. Only this one seems to make sense. It is like finding dumb. Like finding you are at a loss for words (completely amazed and astonished). At that very moment I was officially and irrevocably dumbfounded. There was no way to for me to explain what had just happened.” ― J. W. Lord

I feel fantastic, bombastic, 
Ecstatically astounded
How a girl can really lose her brain
I feel surrounded, confounded
Emotionally dumbfounded
To think you've nearly won your game


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