Selling a home isn’t for the weak at heart part 3

I know we’re not the only one facing the ordeal of selling their home during a pandemic to avoid a foreclosure. Cleaning the house continuously so it’s spotless is a pain in the ass. I don’t know about you about I’m a messy cook.

I miss sleeping…. the voices in my head, reminding me all the things still left to do. Where? When? How?

The stress of 2020 was bad enough with my cancer scare, and covid, but the stress hasn’t really diminshed in 2021 for us because Insurance companies don’t pay their agents commissions. Oh yeah, that gray area the big insurance companies don’t discuss. Heaven forbid you’re late with a premium payment, they’ll cancel you in a heartbeat but on the other hand they take forever to release the agent’s commission for selling or renewing a policy. Horizon is the worst offender but United Healthcare comes in at close second. They owe my husband his commissions from last November. They’re sitting on the money, collecting interest and keeping the ceo’s account healthy. They don’t care we have bills to pay. I’m not amused at all.

Macavity did much better in the car today. He didn’t stay hidden under the seat like he has other trips in the car. He laid on the blanket on the seat. That’s huge for him. Once, we’re actually relocating I have a carrier that has a seat belt restraint so he’s safe too.

The crocuses have already gone by here in Jersey. In the front yard, the daffodils and tulips are up but not open yet. The irises and hyacinths are up as well but no buds are showing. Some of the trees have leaves open and others don’t. I noticed the red tips on my roses today, they’re just beginning their spring growth. In the back yard, the peonies, and lilies have little tips showing. No sign of the hostas yet. I’m going to miss my garden but am excited to try new things when we move.

Life has twists and turns but thankfully my blueberry muffins were awesome with coffee today. There’s nothing better than the smell of baked sugar lingering in the air. Each muffin oozed streams of blue. Just what I needed to begin my day along with a game of cribbage before the insanity of people coming to see the house.

3 thoughts on “Selling a home isn’t for the weak at heart part 3

  1. So sorry to hear that.. and hate to admit my insurance is with United Healthcare.. and trying to think what Horizon is..Is it health care as well? I swear they insured me in the past..J.


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