Selling your home isn’t for the weak at heart part 5 and other crap.

The original buyer who offered and then withdrew came back into the picture. Contracts are signed, building inspections are scheduled so it looks like we’re moving forward. The proof of occupancy inspection is scheduled. That one amuses me, they charge us sewer, water, and cat licenses in addition to the ridiculous amount of 1000 dollars per month for property taxes now they want another 80.00 to come inside and confirm we live here. Are we having fun yet?

The packing is still happening though a lot has hit Goodwill in this downsizing adventure. Today, after doing a banishing ritual of my mother-in-laws negative energy I packed all of her dishes, and books for Goodwill. I will not have her toxicity in our new home. Exorcism works for me.

For those of you who were blessed with awesome mother-in laws keep in mind there are equally as many if not more that were not. I was not. It breaks my heart how she treats my husband. She left him as a baby, has never developed any maternal instinct and continuously blames him for all of her alleged shortcomings since his birth and when she’s done with that she proceeds with all the things she feels he has failed according to her. It doesn’t matter in her eyes, he will always be a disappointment until she needs something. Which recently was not living alone but since she can’t control where that location is, he’s a failure again. How dare us to want Las Vegas over Edwardsville, Illinois.

Unfortunately, she’s not the only crap surrounding us. Vic and I both have had more than our share. His frustrations has been work related while mine has been someone who feels the need to micro-manage. I realize .. she may think her intentions are good but when the person repeatedly steps on my toes than I tend to get quite grumpy. Her intervention doesn’t change the fact that rules were actually put in place for a reason. There was a lot of discussion involved to establish a good working environment for all but when some one forgets why they’re in place because they’re self absorbed then situations get uncomfortable. This has occurred several times recently and my concerns were brushed aside because someone felt they knew better. Just to be clear they’re not part of the leadership team nor were they part of putting the rules in place so we could avoid situations like we had. I’m not known for being subtle or tactful but I am brutally honest and that does tend to annoy people. My grandmother always said if you can’t say something nice say nothing at all. My grandfather on the other hand said the truth ultimately prevails don’t sugar coat it just spit it out. There are times when both of their advice has prevailed. Last night and sleeping on it did nothing to change my feelings of being micro-managed. I heeded my grandfather’s advice and said it like it. You’ve pissed me off, period.

Apartment shopping is exhausting, I’m thinking right now a tent is looking pretty good. Budget versus actual space needed and still having funds left over to enjoy life. We’re so over robbing Peter to pay Paul. Living in NJ is just to frigging expensive.

I’m happy to say Macavity is getting used to the car, he doesn’t fuss once he is in the car. He even ate treats and drank water. All is left is using the litter box while the car is in motion. I’ve read a lot of people drug their cats but this isn’t a direction I want. I have never drugged my cats, I don’t want to start now especially since Macavity already has a heart condition. Saturday, he snuggled comfortably in my arms and fell asleep. That works for me. We’ll probably snooze a lot on the way to Vegas. Just to be safe, we’ve introduced a calming collar infused with lavender.

I’ve read a lot of different blogs and medical information about drugs and cat interaction. I prefer to continue with the direction we’re on by making traveling a familiar thing, his favorite things and lots of snuggling.

Anyway, our adventure begins just over a month away. I’m looking forward to starting over with Vic and Macavity.

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