Monday Limericks

It’s Monday and limerick time. I’m giving you three prompts this week. Unfortunately, I’ve got to have some more shoulder surgery, so I’ll be out of action for a while. But I’d love to see your limericks so please send them in to give me a smile. I’ll publish them all when I’m back blogging again.

My limericks are all dedicated to our three deceased grandchildren, Samantha, Logan and Johnny. We miss them immensely.


The Loss of a Grandchild.

Pain has filled my life, way too often
The anguish never seems to soften
Regardless of my age
I suffer the rampage
silently wishing …no more coffins


Endless Heartbreak

Everyone says, give it time you’ll heal
I don’t want time, I want a new deal
I want to see them play
Not be stolen away
I never had the chance to appeal


It Doesn’t Get Easier.

The nurse hopes for a heroic verse
Knowing nothing said could make it worse
The hand clenching a cross
knowing words can’t ease loss
The nurse silently uttered a curse.

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