A story a day x 30

Was going to wait until May 1st but then I asked myself why was I procrastinating Writing doesn’t need a calendar, it’s simply doing. So here goes it….

Tentative working title. The World Through Her Eyes. I see this as coming together similar to my poem Age in Lyn’s Eyes.

The girl used to be averse to confrontation but overtime learned the hard way that allowing others to be condescending and at times arrogant made her feel uncomfortable. But she tried to look at the bigger picture it’s better for all to ignore it. But that changed when she finally decided to stand up for herself by saying no more.

Initially, people chuckled and thought she’s just being grumpy or she’ll get over it. Dismissing her stance was easier than looking at themselves in the mirror and asking do I really come across that way. It’s got to be the girl, because people all like me. Everyone knows I’m popular and I wouldn’t ever treat anyone poorly. But the girl knew differently. Actions and conversations have demonstrated otherwise.

The girl doesn’t base friendships or relationships on what purpose another has to offer. Her interactions with people are based solely on common interests or goals. This outlook has served her well since she stopped being afraid to speak her mind. Lesson learned, one is a doormat to others if allowed. The people in her life that chose to look the other way because they’re in their safe conflict a

verse space will miss the girl. Or maybe they won’t but the girl has reached what she feels is enough.

217 words, that was easier than I expected.

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