#SOC -22nd

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “brush.” Use it as a noun, a verb, or an idiom. Have fun!

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Aug. 22/2020

As a child my mother raked the brush through my fine hair with a fury ripping loose all the snarled messes free. You would think my hair would learn not to snarl but along the back of my neck all these years later it still does.

There are moments when I brushed death with a tantalizing tease that left behind scars. Some say the scars indicate a life well lived and others say they’re a badge of courage but sometimes I see them as reminders of how stupid and careless I once was.

Some I’ve tried to brush out of sight with makeup to no avail because our bodies radiate a lot of heat. Some I’ve chosen to grow my hair differently which involves another brush activity to my day. And then there are the scars no matter what brush is involved they simply want to show everyone they’re an indication of survival.

Oddly enough yesterday morning there was a spot on my neck that had become red and irritated, I tried brushing it with alcohol to cleanse it and if it was simply a zit dry it out. But that didn’t work so I made a baking soda paste and applied that to it with one of my eyeliner brushes hoping to draw whatever was irritating my skin.

Late yesterday, I brushed my hand across my neck absentmindedly and something sharp pricked my pinky finger. I went to the bathroom of mirrors to look at what could possibly be sharp. Surprise, it was a piece of glass that had finally worked its way out after twenty one years.

You’re probably thinking how the hell does she know how long ago. In October of 1989, I hit a moose with my 1989 Monte Carlo. That was one of my near brushes with death. I have numerous scars on my neck and chest from the windshield. This red area with the sharp point was right smack in the middle of one those scars on my neck.  I’m glad I was able to extract the glass rest of the way with tweezers and today there’s no pain. I think carrying it around 21 years was enough.

Now if you’re wondering why I said bathroom of mirrors, that’s exactly what we have. It’s an oddity that we acquired with our stone house that I’m going to miss immensely when we move. I can adjust my clothes, check my hair to make sure I didn’t miss a spot with my brush. And the other bonus, its a great deterrent for those days when I simply want to mindless binge. It shows everything with all the mirrors, even on the back of the door. There’s nothing hidden in that room of reflection.

At Halloween, with my twisted humor adds jiggly eyes everywhere to add to the creep factor, not only are you seeing way too much of yourself but so are the eyes. 🙂

Speaking of Halloween, it’s only 70 days away.  My favorite holiday, our 12th wedding anniversary. This song inspired our costume on our 10th anniversary.


45179286_10214816196533278_991095241496854528_nDid I remember to tell you about our 10th, we went on a riverboat cruise Halloween costume party on the Mississippi River with friends that live in the St. Louis area. I went as Marie Laveau and my hubby went as Handsome Jack. I can do her cackle mighty fine.

Random Thoughts

“She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible.
She walked with the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.” ― Ariana Dancu
I posted my entry in the NaNoPrep a few minutes ago for today and the date hit home. There are only eleven days left in this month and November is here. I have so much work left to get myself ready to do the 50,000-word challenge. 1667 words a day.  I’ve decided to block out every morning for 3 and hours and write no matter what. Then get what I need to do otherwise for the Airbnb part of my life and then if I have more writing I can go back to it. A pot of coffee and 5 CDs of dark classical music playing my muse and Narda should be happy. Yes, that’s witchy’s name.  Someday, I’ll tell you her story but for now, I need to get back to scene building.



If I’m feeling stagnated I do have lots of inspiration surrounding me. Normally, I take everything down the first week of November we’ll see how that goes this year. I may have Halloween, Thanksgiving decorations joining my Christmas.


My Muse Asks Why?

Why does her headstone sit alone?
There must be more to this unresolved story
as to why a crooked cross headstone
is not restored to its former glory.
Sadly, it sits neglected in a leaf-strewn meadow.
How lonely it must feel under the fog-shrouded moon
with those tall trees casting an eerie shadow.
Hardly a place for families come to commune
They are all resting in such a lonely place.
One stone indicates a family man but
another indicates nothing, was there a family disgrace?
If only the spirits would help solve this mystery
why several names share the same stone.
I’m sure there must be an interesting history
As to why the neglected headstone sits all alone

with a lacy black glove haphazardly lying across. ©
My character Mairin in the story knows why, but she’s not ready to say. Though I will give you one itty bitty clue the black glove plays an integral part.
If you lived closer I’d say come join us at our annual Halloween costume event. This year it is on Saturday, October 28th. The house is decorated to the nines and most of the baking is done. I have a good friend coming on Wednesday and together we’ll finish the last minute stuff.


Poe’s Betrayal

A hunter’s moon illuminates the abandoned old house with
traces of white billowy clouds linger overhead.
The malevolent glowing pumpkin sits on the tree stump
with a lurking expression if seen anyone would dread.
Raven shudders her wings and hesitantly opens her beak but
not a sound could she make to warn Poe of what was ahead.

Before that fateful Halloween night that changed it all
Raven had spoken with Poe, trying to warn him.
Poe said, never more and locked Raven in the great hall.
The witch and her glowing pumpkin came in a hurry
creating such a fury, there was no one but raven to recall.

What it was like before the witch cast her spell only
now her vindictive pumpkin returns each year.
Making sure that ghosts do her evil bidding and
confident the scared raven will not interfere.
The evil pumpkin savors the feeling of power
knowing his helpless victims would soon be near.

Raven shudders her wings and bravely opens her beak
Poe, Poe, can you hear me, remember your Lenore.
The pumpkin eyes flared as he heard Raven speak
Poe, Poe, hear me, I am her, the one you adore
At first, Poe spoke in a whisper then in a roar
Raven, Raven, Lenore, I love you forever more!


A tribute to one of my favorite poets, Edgar Allen Poe.





Please use the following quote as inspiration

From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-legged beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!

~Scottish Saying


This is where my mind went with that saying.

A Prayer

Imagine having your own village ghost
Happily haunting your guest room
Joining you for a bit of wine and pot roast
But will you be safe on this night of doom

Imagine having ghouls rise from the grave
Chasing the unlucky ones until they scream
Beasties howling from a nearby cave
Joining their forces, they make a good team

Imagine hearing things go bump in the night
When you would rather be sleeping
Everyone knows Hallow’s eve is a demons delight
Come All Saints Day, will you be safe in Gods keeping?


Thirteen by Lyn Crain

Thirteen toads, lizards, and bats
Hear my spell unfold and obey
Into the smoke slither away
Rally all of your friends
The time we waited for is ours
Exhume the bodies of the dead
Exile has ended, we are free
Never a ghoul or goblin again

Thirteen witches in a circle
Hear my spell unfold and obey
In a flash fly to the four winds
Raise havoc on humankind
The time we waited for is ours
Exhilarating pleasures to be had
Evil glares no more
Never be a witch again

Thirteen vampires rise from your coffin
Hear my spell unfold and obey
Intrigue and conspiracy everywhere
Reconvene covenants from the past
The time we waited for is ours
Excitement and anticipation
Experience the daylight of your youth
Never be sentenced to darkness again

Thirteen spells set us free
Hear me now and obey
Illicit pleasures for us all
Raise havoc on civilization today
The time we waited for is ours
Each spell better than the last
Eternally from this Halloween night
Never be ignored again©

177 words, 32 lines

Prompt response

Write a story about your favorite candy. Be sure to create a basic plot and simple conflict!



“I don’t want to be M&M anymore, everyone has the same initials in my family. I want to be my own candy, you know unique like snickers or musketeers or even that brat peppermint patty. She’s always bragging about special she is.”

“Yeah, yeah. You’re always whining about something. Last year, you weren’t picked for the holiday bag and now this year it’s your name. I’m not going to listen to this for months again. M&M is short sweet, kind of like rap with its own beat.”

“Everyone recognizes Kanye West. He’s not just one of many in the same bag.”

“Well, then do something about it.”

I hopped off the counter and rolled myself out the door looking to find myself. There has got to be a name that suits me and isn’t like every other candy in the store. Watch out, I’m on a personal mission.

The Skeletal Corpse

DSC_0957 (2)_LI
The Skeletal Corpse


Eyes flare bold red inside the extended dark head
with a huge glistening white-toothed smile.
Wispy smoke swirls hide the body in front of the
pentagram etched in a brazen satanic style.
My neck hair stands up straight in protest to
the sound of nails raked across the granite.
Ew, a smell of rotted meat and cheap perfume
I can’t imagine what created this nasty cesspit.
The earth shudders as the moon briefly appears
from behind the dark sky. The brittle and decayed bones,
what’s left of a  body is so close
clearly in my view.
I try to back up, but my feet are frozen.
His bony fingers clench my left ankle painfully
I scream frantically, I hope someone hears me before my
throat gives out. I tug, twist and kick to no avail,
My ankle is firmly in his grasp, I sense my end is near.
A deep, gravelly growl suddenly breaks the eerie silence, I whisper
Help me. His painful grasp loosens as he contemplates his new prize.
 I tug myself free. I’m so exhausted I can’t move.
The low growls are so close, I step back, it’s hard to stand.
Gravelly voice whispers to me, run when I command thee.
Blood-curdling screams, a moan filled with annoyance, and loud thuds
made it so hard to hear the raspy voice as the battle ensued.
Run, Run, run fast and don’t look back
I stumble several times before I make it to the house
I lock the doors and wonder when it will end.
Tick, tick, tock, tick, tick, tock damn, I hate that clock
Knife in my hand, hidden in the darkness I wait
Tears trickle down my face, I am relieved to be free
but a sense of dread lingers as I await my fate.

Evolution of the Jack-o-Lantern

Write a story or poem from the perspective of a pumpkin getting ready to be carved into a Jack-O-Lantern.

Evolution of the Jack-o-Lantern©Lyn Crain

Big, or little, oh my, each a different one,
Pick me; pick me, I hope
From one to the next, the excited children run.
The unlucky ones left behind will surely mope.
Because I’m the pumpkin a child chose.
Oh, what will kind of a face will I be?
So much better than being left for the crows
Will it be happy or scary? I can’t wait to see,
what the children create with their knife.
Once a simple pumpkin in the field
One very special moment I will come to life.
A jack o lantern, my true glory will be revealed
as I shine boldly from my special place.
Creating the magic of Halloween night
I am radiant in my chosen state of grace,
happy to have a Jack o Lantern’s exclusive right.