Light and Darkness©Lyn Crain


Light and Darkness
(Έadrom agus dorchadas)
©Lyn Crain
Once a very dark, dreary world
until the evil spell lifted.
Maybe the bad witch got stiffed
and hopefully, she really curled.Into the underworld far away
so we are blessed with light,
throughout  All Saints day.
All the people will reunite,
happy they missed doomsday.
Wait, did you say ghostly rewrite?

The evil ugly witch must have whiffed
our plan before it came unfurled.
Oh, I feel her black magick swirl
The ghost might help us get uplifted.

Yikes, there must be some kind of a way
Hell knows no fury like a woman’s wrath
Even her black cat ran for the parkway.
Wait, let’s pause, did you do the math.
Let’s play her song, I’ll ask the dejay.
He thinks it is by someone named McGrath.

An bhfuil tu damhsa liom?
Tapadh leat

Irish translation: Would you like to dance? Thank you.

Irish translation for:  Light and Darkness~ eadrom agus dorchadas

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