Pumpkin and the Blackbird ©Lyn Crain

Pumpkin and the Blackbird

©Lyn Crain

A pumpkin sat on the porch step
wishing he was in the garden.
Blackbird said I beg your pardon
Will I do, I am good for pep.My singing is quite hilarious.
I miss…. my pumpkin friends
Scarecrows says, I am gregarious.
I don’t know, I guess it depends
Our meeting is simply vicarious.
I suppose, we could pretend.

A scarecrow suddenly appears
chuckling at the silly sad song.
Oh, Where do you really belong
my little pumpkin, dry your tears.

Blackbird fly up in the sky
Hurry, before it gets to dark
Be sure to see what is nearby.
I’m sure it was not the park.
Blackbird, squawked his reply.
I’ve found his home, check mark.
La maison d’un homme est son château.
avec jolies citrouilles dans une rangée

A man’s home is his castle,
with pretty pumpkins in a row.

Form is La’Libertas

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