Evangeline © Lyn Crain


Evil ruled this beautiful forest far too long. It’s time to unmask

She should resist entering the haunted forest, but it is too tempting

Evangeline, although quite young believes she is ready for the task

The rumors fly every Hallows Eve, but no one dares preempting

Evangeline knows in her heart that she will not be alone

Ghosts of other young victims await her, pray she is the one

A mysterious, powerful force compels her into the unknown

Hope that she is strong enough to battle evil John Donne

In the darkness beside the tree, lurk his henchmen

The fairies create a shimmer of twinkles all around her

They watch her guarded approach to the mysterious glen

Soon the prophesied battle betwixt good and evil will occur

Legends have foretold a beautiful witch would be the one

The village prays she can save their weary souls

Henchmen work fiercely for their evil master John Donne

No one saw this twist; it was not written in the scrolls

Evangeline stood in the glen calmly facing him

John entered the light shocked by her appearance

She spoke not a word but kissed him lightly on a whim

He raised his hand not allowing any interference.

John sighed, he could not remember his last kiss

Fairies fluttering and twinkling as if she were his bride

The sweet feel was too delightful to simply dismiss

Battle or kiss, let’s try that again before I decide

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