Writing Prompt


Worst Memoir Openings By: Brian A. Klems

“You’ve been tasked with ghostwriting a memoir for an extremely unusual person. You come up with many opening lines to the book, but one of them you write as a joke just to amuse yourself at how absurd the person’s story is. But now that person wants you to use that line. Share it…”

Discovered this on Writers Digest and thought I could have fun with this, while I’m working on my opening lines, what would be yours?

One thought on “Writing Prompt

  1. “It was a dark and stormy night and a pirate ship appeared on the horizon when a shot rang out.” (Just kidding, this is the “Peanuts” Snoopy opening novel line.

    How about, “Little did David Smith know that he would become world-famous chef, a Sumo wrestler, and an all-time crossword contest winner before age twenty-five? Improbably, none of this was true.” 🙂

    Nice challenge! And thank you for visiting my site, Lab Notes!


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