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Did you know the word crochet is a French word meaning small hook? Now, these little hooks come in a variety of different materials like for instance bone, bamboo, aluminum, plastic, and steel. My preference is aluminum because of how easily the yarn slides across the hook. I did give bamboo a try but soon discovered that my cat had gnawed on it giving it a rough texture and the yarn kept snagging. 😦

Crocheting appeals to me over knitting because each stitch is completed before I move onto the next one with the exception of Tunisian. That’s a different approach to crocheting and once completed is hot whereas typical crocheting has more breathability. I’ve done several scarves in this style and wrapping them like an infinity scarf was too much.

“1. Chain Stitch – the most basic of all stitches and used to begin most projects. 2. Slip Stitch – used to join chain stitch to form a ring. 3. Single Crochet Stitch (called Double Crochet Stitch in the UK) – easiest stitch to master Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial 4. Half Double Crochet Stitch (called Half Treble Stitch in the UK) – the ‘in-between’ stitch Half-Double Crochet Tutorial 5. Double Crochet Stitch (called Treble Stitch in the UK) – many uses for this unlimited use stitch Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial while the horizontal distance covered by these basic stitches is the same, they differ in height and thickness.”~wikipedia

One of the enjoyable things I discovered was a website offering free crochet patterns.  The reason it excited me was the opportunity to try a pattern to see if it’s something I’ll really enjoy doing. The days of accumulating crochet books that collect dust are over for this girl.

My current project is a beanie style hat to match the baby blanket I just finished. It’s a modern granny square blanket that came together quickly while riding in the car on a road trip. I haven’t blocked it yet, so it has some ripples in but once that is done it will lie smooth.  The hat I’m doing in pale pink.

The only downfalls to crocheting for me are my three furballs that love to grab the ball of yarn I’m working with and roll it across the room.

Thanks for joining me.




2 thoughts on “Passions beyond writing

  1. The baby blanket is beautiful. I’ve toyed with the idea. One of the great things about our digital world is that it connects us with “how-to” stuff, such as crochet.

    Thank you for sharing. 🙂


  2. Lyn, great introduction to crocheting! And, I, too, have a cat that must have been a knitter in another life, since she fishes out the balls from my unattended knitting bag, and also watches every stitch intently when I am in the midst of knitting. Nice post!


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