Letter-c Day 5

Nerve block this morning went as expected except for the fact we didn’t calculate the travel time for these times. We left two hours prior to the appointment as usual but arrived one hour prior to the appointment. Oh well. Not like I have any pressing commitments.

No temperature check today, so they’re relaxing a bit. Face mask and hand sanitizer available on table before you can proceed upstairs. Upstairs, a receptionist checks you in and gestures you to the chairs labeled where you can sit and where you can’t to keep us socially distanced. My doctor took me in early, actually before her first appointment so everything worked out well except I probably interrupted her coffee time.

I don’t know about you but I’m so over the word socially distanced. Times like now are when I really miss embraces from my close friends. I have always found comfort in being able to just lay my head briefly against their shoulder and know in that moment I’m not alone. Comfort is an enjoyable c-word especially when it comes from close friends and family.

This world is different for all of us but what concerns me is how this cancer treatment plan will differ from the previous cancer experiences I’ve had.  During those times, I was blessed with compassionate nurses that didn’t look like they stepped off a space ship with face shields, gloves and paper suits that crinkle with every move. That’s what my doctor looked like today with the nerve block… face mask,  hair covering, plastic shield, crinkly coverall and gloves. I could barely see her eyes. No comfort visible.

My song feels appropriate today with What’s Up? Both versions are awesome!  I feel like screaming too! I need normalcy in this damn world so I can focus on beating c.

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