Letter- c Day 4

I began this writing journey with the Letter C, capitalized but I’ll be damned if I give the word cancer or even the letter c high priority in my emotional being. My emotions are candid but not ever carp. That’s not my nature either. I’m just choosing to go a path of certitude with the love of my life.

Last night was my first introduction in food reaction since they removed my gallbladder. I wasn’t expecting my body’s reaction to the Cauliflower Au Gratin. Yup, another c word got my attention very rapidly with a mad dash to the bathroom and a very potent smelling excrement. Cheese is one of the foods they list as a cautious food because it is fatty and without the added enzymes from your gallbladder the pancreas isn’t able to process it the way it needs.

As some of you know I’m a huge cheese fan, probably right behind my love of coffee. I’ve had grilled cheese sandwiches and macaroni and cheese with no reaction so this caught me unexpectedly. This is first time I’ve had gryuere cheese since the surgery. The Cauliflower Au Gratin was amazing with the cheese, nutmeg, and garlic bread crumbs. It complimented the grilled salmon so nicely.

It was reminder that I will need to consider what foods I choose to eat in public once this pandemic ends. It also reminded me that my dietary choices cannot continue as they have, my future has different needs.

Yesterday, my day was overall peaceful. I finished reading Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, I highly recommend the book.  Vic and I sat on the deck for a while, each reading our own books in the afternoon sun until the neighbor’s voice became too much. He was entertaining and their voices escalated into our quiet space. I enjoyed  having the normalcy with Vic.

Vic and I are both avid readers, we both love writing and that shared passion has been our rock through many difficult times. I’m sure it will carry us through the times ahead as well.

Which leads me to my song choice of the day. I chose More Than Words by Extreme because I am truly blessed to have Vic in my life. I never knew how wonderful love could be until him. He shows me everyday in so many ways more than words.


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