Letter-c Day 30


Can there be such a thing as too much sky? Maybe the joke really is on me, only ominous dark clouds hover. Where are the blue skies and white billowy marshmallow clouds? The ones as a child you imagined were different animal shapes with your friends lying on a blanket with not a care in the world. Or at least not something that you will say out loud because it will change the dynamics of the moment.

As an adult, those days feel like centuries ago. Who has time to idly lie, looking up at a sky that never really gave me comfort like it did my friends. I wonder if they see the dark clouds too, or is this a warning just for me because I stopped believing in humanity. There’s a revolution in the air beckoning me.

It’s too late to change my mind. I hear the crow cawing in the distance. 

This is another snippet of the vignettes I’m writing. Yes, Tulsa is on my mind and the sheer ignorance occurring. Think about it, to schedule the event right after June 19th, a date used to commemorate the delayed emancipation of American slaves, and to pick a location seven blocks from the site of the infamous 1921 race massacre in Tulsa, Okla., when white rioters, helped by Tulsa police and the Oklahoma National Guard to loot and burn 1,200 black businesses and homes and killing 300 people.  Was the intent to deepen the racial issues? I believe it is.

The Bee Gees song came to mind this morning I started a joke when I thought about our leadership. If only people would see the joke is on them, too!


I finished Dare Me by Megan Abbott. Yup, I’ve read two of her books this week. I’ll be sending them on to my granddaughter, Caitlyn. I think she’ll enjoy them because both books address issues teenage girls face as they evolve to adults, the mean girls look mild. I wouldn’t recommend the book myself but a writing friend did. It wasn’t the topic or story line but how the author used meandering and spirals in the relationships to move the story was what my friend wanted me to see in practice. That was interesting but the overall story wasn’t my cup of tea.

I tossed some mushrooms into a pan last night with garlic and olive oil letting the flavors merge before adding spinach, kale, and beet greens and grape tomatoes to the mix. I added fresh basil, oregano, zucchini spirals and then covered the pan with the heat off while the wheat spaghetti finished cooking. I added the pasta and mixed to blend the flavors and served it with salmon that had been grilled with fresh pesto I had made earlier.  Dinner tasted awesome until the reflux and pain began.

My basil, kale and beet greens are growing so well in spite of the hot and humid weather. We’ve had brief thunderstorms but no substantial rain so I’ve been watering daily. Today, is another one of those days brief showers that only tease the plants but don’t nurture them.

I’m working on another poem today. I was sitting on the deck with my coffee looking at the spent blooms of my rose bushes.

the lonely roses were left to decay
abandoned like the lovers of life
twas their last brilliant performance
a lifeblood that only lingers

in  circles of garden fame until
denied by another profuse array.
Their demise demands another to bloom
but in a moment of inspiration

or maybe sheer desperation

the roses defiantly gathered it petals
for an encore to remember. ©

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