4 thoughts on “July 17 Moon Goddess’ Current Phase

  1. Lyn, I have just bought your book “In My Shoes” in Kindle version. I too have suffered donestic violence, emotional abuse, and have had cancer, which has left me blind and wheelchair bound. I have written poems on my blog about domestic violence, but not many. Also I have written about my cancer, and blindness, and other things. Nice to have met you. Looking forward to reading your book. X

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      • Thankyou. I am well through it, but it leaves its mark. I really want to read your book. Will get to iy later on. I will let you know what Ibfeel after I have read some of it. I have weitten a LOT of mine down, and found my own way through it but it is good to meet someone else who has gone through that and cancer as well.


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