letter c- day 56

Rose Bush Rescue

The torrential rain we had last weekend really knocked my rose bush around in the front yard. Today,  when I was outside trimming the spent rose buds I discovered it did more than knock it around, there were a couple branches broken so I had to prune my beautiful rose bush. Normally, I would have waited until it was much cooler but leaving it like that would have harmed the core. Since, I was already out there and saturated with sweat I cut the lambs ear stems, and trimmed the spent stalks on the lilies.

When I stood up, I became dizzy so I sat down on the steps. I chugged down my water as I sat there. Then I checked the temperature on my phone. Shit, it wasn’t 82 degrees anymore it was 95. No wonder I felt weird, I was heat exhausted. I’m not young anymore and this weather definitely made sure I knew it. I sat down inside and drank another glass of water before taking a shower. Once I sat back down again, I got cold chills. Yup, definitely heat exhaustion. Macavity hopped in my lap and we took a much needed nap. So needless to say, my writing got put on hold again.

Today’s culinary dish:

I’ve been craving pulled pork for sometime, so I threw the pork, onions, mushrooms and a can of coke together in the crockpot. It tasted so good while I kept it down, but  between the reflux, and onslaught of pain until I vomited… the message came through  loud and clear. Pork isn’t going to be part of my diet. This is the second incidence since my gallbladder was removed. GRRRR another favorite of mine has bit the dust.

Culinary Pharmacy:

Ginger reduces nausea as well as being anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Unfortunately, it didn’t help me tonight but I’ve had good luck with it on other occasions.  Ginger tea is a staple in our home.

Green tea is an anti-inflammatory. It’s helpful in keeping carcinogens inactive in the gastric tract.



Blogging prompts on Writing.Com

Have fun with these words in your blog today: critic, feather, visual, emphasis, grand, jester, correspond
” Writing is thinking out loud. Blogging is thinking out loud where other folks think back.”~ Liz Strauss   What are your thoughts?

The jester’s emphasis on the visual presentation of the feather should correspond with the grand finale but can he get it pass the last critic, the crow.

I agree with Ms. Strauss about thinking out loud as I write. I frequently talk to myself as I write. Me, Myself, and I have some interesting conversations. Blogging invites others to join in the conversation. That’s what appeals to me about blogging. It’s a great way to make new friends, or discover things that you didn’t know about your friends. ON WDC, blogging was how I met some really awesome people. We’re going to do a blogging challenge in August, 7 continents in 30 days virtually. I’m putting together an itinerary, they look up things about the location and what appeals  or doesn’t appeal to them. Some create some interesting stories about the day.


I’m almost finished reading Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams. The book is quite interesting on so many different levels.  The author chose to include text messages on the page in little boxes to compliment the story.  She discusses on unprotected sex, one night stands and break ups in an open refreshing manner that I’m really enjoying.  I’m gaining an insightful perspective about today’s dating scene that wasn’t discussed like this in my youth.  Like for instance, Queenie has a one night stand with a Welsh guy that’s into rough sex. When she goes for a check up her  doctor is concerned about the vaginal tearing and the bruises but she dismisses it. ( I was glad she dumped him after the one night, he was a dickhead)

Oddly enough, John Cougar Mellencamp’s Hurt So Good came on in my Youtube feed. Serendipity or karma wanting to be heard. Why not? I didn’t have a song chose for the day because I’ve been busy and the letter-c hadn’t crossed my mind until this evening when I lost my dinner. And then all I really thought about was how much my diet has changed since my gallbladder decided to act up in January of this year.

My personal experience with this song was at Deidre’s gym in my hometown. This was one of the songs, she used for arm workouts in our aerobic class. I used to enjoy going with Jeri and Linda. Deidre had her moments, she was a bit over the top for me especially when she got into the body sculpting competitions. Outside of the gym, I was glad I didn’t have contact with her.

After the gym closed, I didn’t cross paths with Deidre until a winter track meet. She was bitching about her daughter getting beat by this muscle monster. I found the comment strange considering her  manic drive for the competitions. But when I looked to see who her daughter was on the podium with, I chuckled. It was my daughter, Amanda. Yes, she was strong but hardly a monster. Amanda was very passionate about the shot put and worked hard so she was ready for the season.  I could have said something snarky but chose instead to simply walk away. Some people just aren’t worth the energy.

Today, one of the bloggers on WordPress reached out to me.  Come to find out we’re kindred spirits. We’ve both been in abusive relationships and we’ve both had cancer. You never know who will connect with you as you blog. I hope we will inspire each other with our blogging topics.

I’m looking forward to hitting the sack tonight. I’m still not feeling like myself.
“For every ailment under the sun, There is a remedy, or there is none, If there be one, try to find it; If there be none, never mind it.” ~ Mother Goose


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