I was looking through one of my folders on death poems, and I came across this gem, I wrote back in 2013. Sometimes, we just need to put our emotions out there. I chose an inanimate object to express how I felt. What’s your favorite way of letting your emotions go.

Demise of a Shoe©

Coated with murky, putrid crap
Black grime embedded toe cap
Frayed, broken eyelets, pieced laces
Tightly knotted barely held in places
The quarter dog- eared in the back
Tired leather, brittle, split, cracked
Tongue twisted out of shape, torn
Sadly abused when it was worn
The insole broken down to clumpy pieces
Heels unevenly worn to the side
Clearly issues with the owners stride
Soles with large holes worn thru
Smushed leather like an overcooked stew
Broken stitches more here then there
Oh, the woes of a life in despair.

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