letter-c day 57

This day began pleasant enough with my black coffee, Macavity and Queenie by Candice Carty- Williams. I finished the book with Macavity sprawled across my lap while I read. Then I joined the husband for blueberry muffins, honeydew and  fresh blueberries while we played two games of cribbage once our window to eat opened. We typically only eat in an 8 hour window.

I wrote another stream of consciousness response to the prompt word, link. It was fun writing it on the Ipad with Macavity putting his paw on the screen disrupting my typing. He was in quite the playful mood before he conked out.

Book review:

The book is about a Jamaican woman living in the UK working for magazine company.  Her white boyfriend broke up with her, and insisted she be the one to move. He made more money. Her relocation based on her finances wasn’t ideal but at least she wasn’t on the street. Her contacts on a dating app led to one night risky sex and multiple visits to a clinic to make sure she didn’t get something.  Upon one visit, her doctor became concerned that she had been sexually assaulted because of the vaginal bruising and bite marks and suggested she seek help. Her self esteem was the real issue, she didn’t think she deserved better so now her personal and work life were escalating to self-destruct.  Queenie’s job was at risk because a co-worker claimed she was stalking him when in fact it was the other way around. She was suspended and had to move back in with her grandparents. Now, she was at rock-bottom and the only light in that tunnel was a counselor named Janet. Janet was very helpful when Queenie needed it most. The ending wasn’t cookie cutter perfect but it did show her life evolving in the direction it needed for her to find happiness.

I could relate to the self-destructive behavior and hitting rock bottom. I’ve been there. I didn’t think I was deserving of love let alone being treated nice just like Queenie. When you’ve been told your whole life you’re nothing, it’s hard to see yourself otherwise.  Thankfully, my present life isn’t in that place now or it wasn’t until my husband decided to open his mouth. Yeah, this post has now turned into a vent.

I don’t need more frustration or aggravation in my life because my hubby thinks I should have emails addy’s included on my phone for everyone in my contacts. WTF??? I don’t use my phone for emailing people. I don’t need to. I don’t want to be that connected to my phone. I get emails on my computer and that’s just where I want them to stay. So what does he say when I say I have no need to have them on my phone, that I’m just like his mother. I’m choosing to be intellectually and technologically incompetent. Ask me what I thinking… fuck you, dear! Yup, I’m pissed.

I could post Lily Allen’s song FUCK You but the lyrics address racism and hatred but he’s not either one of them. He’s just annoying. So instead, I’ve chosen Courtney Barnett’s I’m Not Your Mother, I’m Not Your Bitch. I told you my music taste is all over the place. Eclectic and sometimes down right selective! Almost poetic here.

I’m not your mother, I’m not your bitch
I hear you mutter under your breath
Put up or shut up, it’s all the same
It’s all the same, never change, never change
I’m not your mother, I’m not your bitch
D-did I stutter a little bit?
Sit down and shut up, it’s all the same
It’s all the same, never change, never change
I try my best at being patient
But I can’t only put up with so much shit
I’m not your mother, I’m not your bitch
I hear you mutter under your breath
Put up or shut up, it’s all the same
It’s all the same, never change, never change
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Courtney Barnett
I’m Not Your Mother, I’m Not Your Bitch lyrics © Third Side Music Inc
Dining tonight isn’t arsenic yet, though it could easily change.
There are three things a wise man should fear, a storm at sea, a night with no moon, and a woman’s anger.
I’m poaching tilapia and making a salad to go with the left over pasta and basil pesto. I picked the kale, lettuce, and swiss chard early this morning before the heat of the day. It doesn’t taste as good once it’s been overheated.  By the looks of the next few day, my veggies are definitely going to be stressed with this heat spell. Looks like I’ll be watering every morning and night.
Once we’ve finished the tilapia off we have in the freezer I won’t be replacing it because everything I’ve read lately indicates farm raised fish is more dangerous for us than wild.
Culinary pharmacy:
Halibut is anti-inflammatory in addition to being loaded with omega 3 fatty acids but there’s conflicting information on its value. So this I’ll leave up to you.
Kale, we already talked about with cabbage. It’s anti-inflammatory.
Leeks like garlic and onions is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

“Humor is almost always anger with its make-up on.” ~Stephen KingBag of Bones

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