Continent Hopping Day 2


Zodiac Cruising – 30 day prompt

Go where your cruise ship can’t — hop aboard a small, sturdy inflatable boat and buzz between the icebergs and around the mountains. This is your chance to get an up-close look at some of the more cautious wildlife in the ocean, on land, and in the skies. It’s common for leopard seals, penguins, and other curious animals to pop up alongside to say hello. You’ll never feel so small in your life as you gaze up at the massive glaciers and icebergs from sea level. To call it a humbling experience would be an understatement.

Good to know: This activity is a big favorite of photographers. Zodiac cruising allows for more intimate viewing as well as an entirely different perspective.

Antarctica is the site of some of the world’s most cutting-edge research. There are dozens of scientific research centers here, and one of the most interesting things to do in Antarctica is to take a tour of one of these fascinating facilities. The Vernadsky Research Base on Galindez Island opens its doors to visitors all while studying everything from meteorology, ecology, biology, glaciology, seismology and physics. It was at this research station that the hole in the ozone layer was first discovered.

Another cool and unexpected aspect of this research center is the Vernadsky Station Lounge, one of the southernmost bars in the world. Try the vodka, which has been distilled on site. Bottoms up! We’re going to help examine green snow and check out the satellite studies of the visual evidence of climate change.…

Good to know: The post office at the Vernadsky Station is one of the few places in all of Antarctica from where you can send a mail. Mailing a postcard will cost you around USD 2 while a letter (including stamps) is about USD 6*.

we’re still sleeping in our sleeping bags.


My response:

I’m really surprised at how rested I feel after sleeping in the bivy sac. Here I was worried about having to go pee and never actually getting enough sleep. That wasn’t the case at all. Maybe it had to do with all the fresh air I enjoyed while I kayaked and using muscles I haven’t in a while.

I had a shot of vodka with my coffee this morning. Unusual combination but I was surprised by how good the vodka is here. When you’re in Rome do as the Romans do so here I did what the Ukranian do.

What a cool museum and post office. I mailed a couple post cards to my family. I figured the grandchildren would enjoy seeing where I am. Originally it was a base station, then abandoned and the eventually restored as a historic sight. It was kind of sad seeing the abandoned base on Arrowsmith Peninsula from our rubberized boats.

I’m so glad we docked for awhile by the hot springs. The landscape reminded me of the old martian movies of the 60’s. Who knows, maybe that’s where they were filmed them back in the day. The biting cold really got my attention but once I slipped into the steaming water and the weight of the world vanished.

Our visit to the research center Vernadsky was fascinating especially with the discussion about the green snow. Damn it why are people refusing to see all the signs climate change is a reality. This green phenomena is very visible from outer-space and has spread immensely since it was first noted.


BCoF prompt:  Let this quote inspire your entry: 

“ I had a dream when I was 22 that someday i would go to the region of ice and snow and go on and on till i came to one of the poles of the earth”― Ernest Shackleton

Have you ever dreamed about seeing one of the poles?  Where’s your ideal dream place?  This entry needs to be minimum of 100 words.


My response:

I never dreamed of going to the poles like Mr. Shackleton did but I did dream of traveling to unknown places. Antarctica does fall into the unknown category. Who knew there was so much to see? I’ve been enjoying exploring and reading all the different links. I was surprised that over 20,000 tourists a year do actually go to Antarctica.Not as many as my ideal destination.

My ideal dream place is still Jamaica. I fell in love with the island back in 2006. It has a diverse population, excellent rum and pineapple, (two of my favorites) and temperatures that I love. The only drawback for me at this time is the imposed quarantine for cats. I love my babies but I could never subject them to living in a cage for the extended time involved. Sadly, that is why we haven’t relocated. I’m hoping Vic and I will have one more opportunity to go there in our life time. The people and the food were awesome. I was very amused with the sim-up bars. My daughter and I floated from one to the next while we were at family owned hotel in Ocho Rios.

Jamaica is taking COVID-19 serious and right now it is closed to all international visitors. They’re making the necessary changes needed to handle social distancing.…

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