Song Lyric Sunday

Written for Song Lyric Sunday where the prompt is Acquire/Collect/Gather/Secure.

img_0406This week we have the accumulation related prompts of Acquire/Collect/Gather/Secure and hopefully this will fit for everyone.  

I’m going with Alabama’s She and I because my interpretation is more than simply using the words suggested in the prompt. She and I are secure in their love in the song. They did acquire or collect things over time in their relationship. And they did get together with their friends so they did gather. So I feel the prompt is covered on many levels.

She and I” is a song written by Dave Loggins, and recorded by American country music band Alabama. It was released in December 1985, as the only single from their first Greatest Hits compilation album.

The song was their 19th consecutive No. 1 song on the Billboard magazine Hot Country Singles chart in April 1986, ~ wikipedia


She and I live in our own little world
Don’t worry about the world outside
She and I agree
She and I lead a perfectly normal life
Ah but just because we aren’t often seen socially
People think we’ve got something to hide.
But all our friends know we’re just a little old fashioned
She and I
Oh ain’t that great
Aint it fine
To have a love someone that others can’t find
Aint it wonderful to know all we ever need is just the two of us
She and I
So wonderful
She and I
She and I share with every body else
The same wants, needs and desires
She and I save
She and I pay on everything we acquire
Ah but just because we aren’t often seen separately
People think we live one life.
Its hard for them to see how anyone could be as close as
She and I
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: David Loggins
She and I lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
The background story on wikipedia is the song acknowledges marital lust. What’s wrong with that? If you’re married you should feel love and lust.
“Country music writer Tom Roland noted that the song “featured a barrage of unique sounds,” including a “strange drum effect” (the echo for each snare drum beat would end with a pop, instead of “decaying”). Also, the album version of the song featured a false ending (much like Elvis Presley‘s “Suspicious Minds“), whereby the song fades out before returning to full volume and then fading back out.” ~ wiki again.
I think the ending adds to the enjoyment of the song.
My experiences with this song are actually with my Maine coon cat Quasimoto. I’m not sure what part of the song appealed to him other than whenever I played the cd, he would come over and rub against me. I used to pick him up and waltz with him. He would purr so loud as we waltzed.
I miss my old boy, he was part of our family for 19 years and ten months. He was just shy of his twentieth birthday when he died. Quasi was a very affectionate cat, some of my favorite pictures of him are him snuggling with Yeatsie and Purryl. He always laid his head against theirs and then cross his feet would over theirs. The two cats bodies looked a heart.
Isn’t that just the sweetest? Quasi is on the right, and Yeats is on the left.

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