Virtual Continent Hopping so you have an idea where we are Perth, Australia and where we are landing next in Angkor, Cambodia.

30 day, Perth experience before we fly to Cambodia Cycling is the locals’ favourite way to get​ around. So hop on, blend in, and discover the sights of Perth on this 3 hours experience.…

The tour guide is so excited to have such a large group. And there’s a lot of interesting places along our ride. The tour was perfect because we’re going to on a plane later tonight for eight hours. I’m glad to get the exercise now because I don’t like to move around at all on a plane. I’ll fly from point a to point b but do I like to fly, hell no. It’s a necessary evil.

Wow, I can’t get over how diverse Perth is.  It was great to discover Kings Park it’s one of the world’s largest and most beautiful inner city parks. It’s breathtaking.  I’m really glad the guide is flex about how long we stay at each location.  (Probably has more to do with the size of our group, he doesn’t have to scramble to get a second one in today.)  Oh wow, the Bell Tower is breathtaking. The guide, Tom says “the Bell Tower is one of the most unique things to see in Perth. The Bell Tower gave us a fascinating insight into the one of the most unique facilities in the world! We learned the history of the bells and the Tower, and the ancient art of bell ringing. It so was cool ringing the famous bell. Bonus we got a souvenir certificate acknowledging our ring.

I can’t believe we discovered this tour by accident. They asked if we job could write a review.…

I’m walking for the next three hours, not sure who’s joining me. Some are gathering souvenirs and mailing them home. Other’s are scrambling to get more pictures. Five different eateries, yummy. It’s a good thing we’re walking because I’m sure these are more caloric than I need. It was kinda cool getting a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes as we meet the restaurant and bar owners, managers and chefs. This was a fun and tasty experience. Who knew that Perth would have such great food and drinks.

My review: Absolutely the best deal for the money. The owners made us feel like we were part of their family, instead of guests looking at them with a microscope. This experience was incredible … great snacks and cocktails and great company. I highly recommend you take advantage of the opportunity.

I’ve enjoyed seeing Australia up close. It’s given our group a chance to bond, with an unusual twist that once we’re on another continent we’ll probably laugh about. I’m still nervous about the opal heist mix-up.

Neva’s Prompt: Perth – As a tourist, which would you rather come home with: lots of souvenirs or lost of pictures. Why?

Me, I’m all about the photographs. I don’t need more clutter .

Our flight is at 11:00 Pm from Perth to Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport. I’m excited about our next location but not about being on the plane all night.

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