#FDDA 8 day 77

Fandango’s Dog Days of August #8

Today’s theme is “something or someone you admire.” What or who is it? Why do you admire that thing or person? Do you admire that thing or person from a distance, or is that thing in your possession or that person close to you? Share a story, a poem, a photo, a drawing, some music, or whatever you wish to about something or someone you admire.

Someone I admire is my husband very much. He’s my rock. He’s also my best friend. He encourages me to try even when I don’t feel I can do it.

I remember 20 years how discouraged I was about writing. My husband at the time was constantly diminishing everything that mattered to me. He wrote his name on my writing, my books, it didn’t matter what it was if he could put his name on it he did. So when I started writing on the internet in writing groups it wasn’t accessible to him. That’s how I met Vic, he encouraged my writing. He offered to help me without criticizing me or making me feel stupid.  He offered suggestions for refresher grammar classes and books that would help. Our love of writing led to a great friendship and eventually our marriage twelve years ago.

I admire all the writers, poet, musicians that make words magical on the page so we’re inspired to create our own magic.

Some things I admire are gardens, trees, streams, lakes, waterfalls, the ocean. I love how each of them give us a haven when we need.

What I don’t admire are yellow jackets. Although I will give them credit for tenacity. I went out to water my roses this evening and was surprised to see yellow jackets still buzzing around. I waited until dark and went back to spray again with Ortho but one of the yellow jackets decided to sting me and to fall inside my shirt. The burning sensation on my neck was tolerable but the creepy feel of little legs on my skin made me squirm which led to more stings before I killed it. Tomorrow I will send Vic out for more Ortho from Home Depot. I am determined to get my front flower bed back from the yellow jackets. War is declared.

Vic suggested I get out of the house today but I didn’t want to. I need to be safe more than ever right now so nothing hinders the tests next week. So I compromised, I took Macavity with me down in the lower garden. Except Macavity had other things in mind. He showed me what he thought of the new harness we got him. He slipped his body right out of it. I swear that cat has the body of a mouse. He made getting out of the harness look so easy. Then he ambled up on the fence and my heart skipped.

I called his name and he looked down to the ground outside the yard. I thought for sure he was going to bolt for an adventure but instead he jumped down into the yard and walked up the steps on the deck and sat in front of the door. Phew.

The last time he went for an adventure, he ended up in a tree and of course couldn’t or wouldn’t get down until I rescued him. I sighed in relief we didn’t have a repeat performance.  My adorable feline hopped up on the counter and waited patiently for me to give him a treat. Yup, I’m trained. I did. He then laid down for his afternoon nap. I admire his spunk. He walks his own path. Both of my cats do.

Anyway, who needs to go out for stimulation when you have fur babies.

My song choice for today is for all the things in life worth admiring.


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