Virtual Continent Hopping day 2 of Halong Bay, Vietnam

30 day Halong Bay, we’re going for an up-close look at its amazing limestone islands, rock formations and caves. Whittled away over centuries by wind and water, they’re breathtaking.

Today we’re going to see Sung Sot Cave (Surprised Cave) and Titop island……

extra links :

Top 5 most beautiful Halong bay caves to explore

Discuss what you’ve learned and what you felt seeing the pictures.

All I can say is wow. The name of Sung Sot cave means “Surprised Cave” or “Amazing Cave” in English, because of its huge space with incredible natural points. T We were impressed from our very first moment setting foot inside. Truthfully, I was nervous because I’m claustrophobic but I had nothing to worry about. I chuckled when Carly said it’s larger in here than the white house. (I wondered if during the war they had meetings here, totally off the radar for sure.) Our guide was very engaging as we looked at the numerous stalactites and stalagmites growing up and down from the floor and ceiling along the paved passage. I couldn’t begin to count how many.

I’m impressed with how each of the caves is a bit different inside. I think I liked Dau Go Cave the best just because of the shapes.

I’m glad we wandered to the beach to diffuse ourselves. The amount of people did get to me. Our # squid squawkers crew opted for a picnic on the beach. Awesome weather and so relaxing.

Carly discovered this link. It’s very informative about a woman’s life in Vietnam.

Bánh Trôi Nước : Song about Vietnamese women’s life

Reality check: It’s a bit challenging for me today because I’m having to this gavilyte solution while we’re doing the tour. If I dart off quickly it’s because I’m heading for the porta-potty. I’m so looking forward to getting tomorrow done so I can focus on our adventure. It’s been a great distraction, one I truly needed so I didn’t think about the letter-c. In the morning, I have the endoscopic ultra sound and hopefully the full removal of the malignancy, the upper gi scope and the colonscopy all in wham bam thank you maam and we’re done.
No worries, I got you covered we’ll be in a very restful place tomorrow.
BCoF prompt is Halong Bay is located by the sea so needless to say there are a variety of local fruits and vegetables and you can also check out the local seafood. There are huge mounds of crabs, jump shrimp and fish here, and if you want to set up your own beach barbecue later then this is the place to source your produce.

Take us on a shopping excursion.What’s different about Vietnamese markets versus ours?
I overheard one of the tourists talking about this food experience journey that he and his girlfriend had just done. I wish I had heard about it earlier I might have taken the group to explore the food. I checked it out on trip advisor.
“The founder of modern marketing Philip Kotler once said that “kitchen of the world” is a suitable image for Vietnam, with her bounty of good dishes. Different from other part of the world, Vietnamese food contains elements of the fine arts, science and the balance of the yin – yang. From a street food with local food blogger in Hanoi, a Royal Dinner in Hue to a cooking class in Mekong delta, you will have chance to savor the Vietnamese food along the journey. Let’s embark on our culinary journey and learn more about its’ taste.” whoa, the price tag said, not happening. 1610.00 dollars, we can buy a lot of food at the night market for that kind of money.
The night market opened in early 2015, Halong Night Market is a part of Halong Marine Plaza Entertainment and Trade Center. At the Halong Night Market,we could go shopping, take part in many fun entertainment activities and taste so many different dishes as we explored. Especially those of us For those who like snacking we found a lot of delicious sidewalk dishes in Halong at cheap affordable prices such as: beer oyster, grilled seafood. I played it safe and stayed with my liquids so I don’t get a lecture from the doctor while you’re enjoying your relaxing day.  I think what’s different from the ones in the states are the energy level. The Vietnamese people are very energetic and a bit pushy when it comes to sales. But I did see people negotiating the prices, we don’t see much of that here unless you go to lawn sales


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