# Truthful Tuesday


Welcome to this week’s installment of Truthful Tuesday! Or in this case, The Post that Almost Wasn’t.

The Question

Since it’s called, “Truthful Tuesday”, and the entire point to share a bit of our personal truth, I’ll start off by stating that I almost decided not to post a question this week. It was a rough and taxing weekend, and I just couldn’t come up with a topic. Thanks to Dr. Tanya’s “Blogging Insights #41”, I quite accidentally stumbled on the topic in my response.

Is there something that you like or love now that you used to dislike, hate, or at the very least, have no opinion of before? Or perhaps there is something you now dislike, hate, or maybe even loathe that before you liked, loved, adored, or at least had no opinion of? In either case, or both cases if you so choose, what changed your mind?

  1. I used to hate spaghetti sauce as a child because my mother would throw all the left-over meat from the week into the sauce. Once I left home, I soon discovered the spaghetti sauce didn’t include, hot dogs, porkchops, chicken or fish tossed into together. I love spaghetti sauce sometimes with ground beef and sometimes simply just with onions,peppers and diced tomatoes. I still won’t eat my mother’s sauce.
  2. I disliked milk as a child. As an adult I found it quite tasty. But now at this point in my life milk is causing me discomfort so my new pleasure is chocolate almond milk. If I have to have a substitute than let it have chocolate.
  3. I didn’t have an opinion of Trump prior to his running for office, since that time I’ve developed an intense loathing for the man. His childish behavior on twitter and in the media has made us the laughing stock of the world. His inability to lead our country during this pandemic has taken my disrespect and loathing to levels I never believed I was capable of feeling.

Thank you for the prompt.

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