#FDDA Character

Today’s theme is “create a character.” Create an interesting character and describe him or her? Tell us a little something about your character. Share a story, a poem, a photo, a drawing, some music, or whatever you wish to share about the character you created.


Have you ever wondered what a pumpkin might think about his role after being picked at harvest? I chose to write from the pumpkin’s s point of view. His wanting to be part of the celebration of Halloween.

Evolution of the Jack-o-Lantern©

Big or, little each a different one,
Pick me; pick me, I hope
From one to the next, the excited children run.
The unlucky gourds left behind mope.
Yay, I’m the pumpkin a child chose.
I think golly what kind of a face will I be?
So much better than being left for the crows
Will it be happy or scary? I can’t wait to see,
what the children will create with their knife.
Once a simple pumpkin in the field
Now it’s my moment to come to life.
As a jack o lantern, my true glory revealed
as I shine boldly from my special place.
creating the magic of Halloween night.
I am radiant in my chosen state of grace,
happy to have a Jack o Lantern’s exclusive right.

I wrote a poem for my grandchildren. My intent is to publish it as a children’s book . I have some fun sketches drawn to go with the different lines.



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