#FDDA favorite beverage

Fandango’s Dog Days of August #27

 Fandango writes:  “Today’s theme is “your favorite beverage.” Are you going to choose an alcoholic beverage like a mixed drink, beer, hard lemonade, flavored vodka, or something like that? A hot drink like coffee or tea? Soda, water, or a milkshake? Share a story, a poem, a photo, a drawing, some music, or whatever you wish to share about your favorite beverage (or beverages).”

Everyday on Facebook, I say good morning everyone with three coffee cups and typically there’s a coffee meme picture.


As a child, I hated milk and every opportunity I had I would swap my milk for her black coffee. She couldn’t believe I liked black coffee. After many battles she finally conceded, and let me drink black coffee. I’ve been drinking my coffee black with no sweetener since I was three, I’m 64 now. 61 years of heaven.

My doctor goes nuts because I drink 2 sometimes 3 pots of coffee a day.  As a compromise on the day of my physical I drink only 1 pot before seeing him. That way I have a normal ekg,  because when I drink 2 sometimes my ekg shows premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) which are extra heartbeats that begin in one of your heart’s two lower pumping chambers (ventricles). These extra beats disrupt your regular heart rhythm, sometimes causing you to feel a fluttering or a skipped beat in your chest. I learned that if I have occasional premature ventricular contractions, but am  otherwise healthy, there’s probably no reason for concern, and no need for treatment. If I had frequent premature ventricular contractions or underlying heart disease, I might need treatment.

Premature ventricular contractions often cause few or no symptoms. But one might feel an odd sensation in your chest, such as:

  • Fluttering
  • Pounding or jumping
  • Skipped beats or missed beats
  • Increased awareness of your heartbeat

I don’t have any of the symptoms. But he does wish I would drink less coffee. I love coffee and until it causes me other issues than I’m going to keep enjoying my coffee.  I think of all the possible vices one could have coffee isn’t as bad as it could be and I’m fortunate it never keeps me awake. I really do think my primary worries too much.

I even wrote a poem about my love of coffee back in 2015. If you look closely, the words shape a to-go- coffee mug too.

Ode to My Joe

Oh, your heady fragrance can be
so smoothly intoxicating.
Your smoky aroma whets my appetite.
As the sun rises, the beginning
of a new adventure, my addictive mind
says I need you to invigorate my senses,
tease me to step out of my comfort zone.
I remember when I was a mere wisp of myself
the novelty of your power was
fiercely intimidating yet compelling
me to drop all pretense of control.
You frightened and lured me like
a moth to a flame. I could not
resist, although I struggled
in vain, my addiction was too much.
You laughed at my feeble attempts
to withdraw because
I was scared of all the negative
propaganda surrounding you.
You assured me… it was all lies
Your sweet whispers told me
I would never feel so good
with anything like this again.
I waivered…
afraid of the me without you.
I threw caution to the wind and
slowly sipped, savoring your
heat while ignoring the
bitter after taste that
lingered on my breath.
I surrendered and let myself
float into the dark spiral
of an addict’s life.
I live… my passion for you
briefly fulfilled

The other beverage I enjoy is water and I do consume a lot of water too.

In the evening, Vic and I always have a cup of tea together before going to bed. Like my coffee, my tea is black with no sweetener.

3 thoughts on “#FDDA favorite beverage

  1. I love coffee, too, but I usually limit myself to 2 cups in the morning and, if I am crashing in the afternoon, will have a cup to revive myself. I drink it black, too, but I do put in one packet of Splenda.

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