Last day of Virtual Continent Hopping.

Final day Montreal
Well, we’re ending our month long adventure in Montreal.
Another early morning just over 2 hour flight to Montreal.
I got everyone a room at the Four Seasons. Today is our last day of continent hopping. So let’s go out in style.…

I’ve offered 3 museum choices, feel free to pick whatever interests you.………

We’re meeting up after lunch at 2:00 pm to do a private walking tour.…

Dinner is at the Famous Tandem.…

The BCoF bloggers went on a different adventure so over dinner you need to tell them what they’ve missed and go back to one of their blog entries and tell them what you liked.

BCof: Choose one of the above museums for your morning adventure like the 30 day bloggers are
After lunch we’re going on a different adventure this afternoon. It’s one of the best things to do in Montreal. Wet, wild and wonderful! Jet Boating the Lachine rapids is not only a local tourist attraction, but a symbol of the spirit, history, fun and adventure that make Montreal a world-class tourist destination. Quite possibly the world’s greatest city boat cruise tour!…

So this is your opportunity to really make 30 day bloggers envious. Talk about the experiences by reading the reviews and then make it personal.

I snuck a peek at our room before heading out. That’s the great part of this virtual experience, we don’t have to wait until 3pm check in. We can drop our stuff in our room and head out. Sandy and Carly are excited that we’re in their country. Especially Carly, since she refused to come to the US because of the buffoon in the white house. I totally get it. I can’t wait until the elections, hopefully enough voters will support Biden/Harris and kick the asshole to the curb. Oops I went off on a rant instead of telling you about the tub in my room, it’s incredible. A white sunken tub under a heat light set all by itself. I may just sleep in this tonight.



I was so disappointed the Insectarium was closed. It is supposed to be the place to be. Guess that means I’ll have to come back once its 2021, hopefully by then Americans will be welcome in Canada again. Nor did I know Montreal had a large Jewish community. The museum was interesting but it didn’t hold my interest maybe because I really wanted to see the Barbie Expo. This is not Barbie as I knew her! The Barbie Expo,is conveniently located in the heart of downtown, in Les Cours Mont Royal, Montreal’s most prestigious upscale shopping mall. Admission is free. It is a brilliant and exciting way to showcase the haute couture fashion available at the exclusive flagship boutiques. Wow and wow again, they have a stunning display with 1000 dolls. I had no idea until we arrived that it is the largest permanent Barbie doll expo in the world! A truly incredible selection of world-renowned designers have magnificently fashioned breathtaking outfits for every possible occasion—all of them modeled by the 11.5 inch fashion icon herself. I can’t believe the designers on display are Christian Dior, Donna Karan, Armani, Ralph Laurent, Vera Wang, Bill Blass, Oscar de la Renta, Christian Louboutin, Zac Posen, Carolina Herrera, Bob Mackie, and many other authentic fashion all-stars! I didn’t even recognize some of the names but after seeing their work I want to.

I decided to skip the walking tour, they made an announcement that several of their guides are waiting for covid test results because they became sick. I appreciate the heads up, I am immune impaired.

After lunch, we met up to do probably the craziest thing ever. We stripped down to our underclothes and put on a wet suit that had been boiled for our safety. Wet, wild and wonderful is what the guide assured us. His pitch was Jet Boating the Lachine rapids is not only a local tourist attraction, but a symbol of the spirit, history, fun and adventure that make Montreal a world-class tourist destination. He was trying to psyche us up too because he claimed this was the world’s greatest city boat cruise tour!

Well, OMG!! doesn’t begin to describe how awesome this is! We got completely drenched and completely thrilled!! 🙂 It’s like a roller coaster on water!!! It’s NUTS! And the guides are so witty, they did some pretty incredible things! What a way to end our trip,

Dinner at the Tandem started off a bit wonky cos I didn’t remember they were bring your own wine. Sandy was awesome and grabbed some bottles for us to celebrate our last night together. The restaurant was very congenial for us, we had excellent food choices and they didn’t rush us to flip the table. We lingered for a bit with coffee and dessert before heading back to the hotel.

I peeled off my still damp underclothes and made a mad dash to soak in that delightful tub. There was a chocolate covered cherry wrapped on the nightstand I slid into my mouth as I sunk into the steaming oasis. AHHHHhhh  ,this feels divine.
I’m glad my flight back to Jersey isn’t until 2 in the afternoon.I’m going to look around some more since I don’t know when I’ll get back here.

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