Having fun with a Limerick

The word was date: Thank you Esther


Did I tell you about our first date
actually it’s a stroke of fate
the odds of us meeting
in person was fleeting
online relationship to soulmate


This limerick like most of my poems has a background story involved .

Back in 2000, when the writing groups on yahoo were the scene I was in a writing group. I had posted something and this man  downloaded my piece into a word document and then sent it back to me with revision tracking. My initial reaction was rage, who did he think he was?  Once I cooled off and really looked at all the red on my paper, I realized he made some excellent suggestions especially with the tense and grammar. He offered to help me improve my writing. Initially, I was hesitant since I didn’t know this man from jack. But I accepted and over time we became friends.

Fast forward 3 years later, we met in person and began dating. It was challenging dating long distance with Vic in New Jersey and me in Maine. 8 hours apart. But we made it work and in 2007 I moved to New Jersey and we married a year later on Halloween.

Was either of us looking for a mate?  No, we weren’t, but apparently fate had other plans for us.

I don’t let Vic critique my work these days but there are times when I’m missing something I seek his help. And yes, there are still those days when he tells me I have typos, or I’ve forgotten words because my mind fills in them when they’re not actually on the page yet. Even when I proofread, there are words that simply slip by.

2 thoughts on “Having fun with a Limerick

  1. Wonderful story! I enjoyed reading how it unfolded. It reminded me of reconnecting on line with my old flame, the second first date, and the long distance relationship, CT to NC. When the time is right, we take a chance and let it happen naturally.


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