#FOWC Hunter

Today’s word is “hunter.”

FOWC with Fandango — Hunter

Impatient Medea©
Let me introduce myself, I’m Medea, the youngest of the coven. Sometimes, the village boys call me Temptress because of my looks. I don’t want to be desired by every guy and hated by every girl. Is it my fault, I’m beautiful. No, but does anyone really care. I don’t fit in the human world. Someday, I will show them, that my beauty is the least of their worries.

I know I am ready to begin my black magic training. I see things I cannot explain, I feel things before they happen. I’ve tried to talk to the elders but whenever I try to talk to one of them, they dismiss my thoughts or say that it is just coincidence. If only the elders would let me participate. I hated hiding behind the maple tree. It is so frustrating!

The night in question, I had planned to be here earlier but my chores took longer to finish, so by the time I arrived things were in the cauldron simmering. Did they engage a hunter? Did they already have everything on hand. How am I supposed to learn if they hide every detail.

I watched as the seven elders mumbled their spells while intently stirring the cauldron. Once the pot sizzled loudly, they gathered in a circle holding hands and began chanting together. A purple smoky haze swirled into the darkness and the woods filled with sounds I have never heard before. My head bobbled left and right.

What was that eerie howling in the distance?  I’ve heard coyotes and wolves howl before but this wasn’t them. Why did my skin feel like it has a thousand ants crawling all over me? It’s not like they knew I could see them. I didn’t tell anyone I was coming. Besides, they always say I am too young to know the dark magic. Too young, too young, that’s what everyone says when they don’t want to be bothered. Why was it such a guarded secret? The old ways were fine for the elders but times have changed. Can’t they see I’m busting at the seams to cast my first spell. Doesn’t anyone remember being my age?

The howling became louder; I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I couldn’t control my shivering. Oops I had made the tree branches shake, so I cursed at myself, Damn it, girl were you trying to get caught by the elders?  I wondered what could possibly make that noise? The elder’s chants were unfamiliar to me and the louder they chanted the closer that strange sound got to us. If only I had seen what they put in the cauldron. I hated knowing half of the story.

A shrill pierced the air… and before I could do anything they all vanished.


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