#Day 4 – 30 Day Album Challenge


Well, you already know I loved the Rolling Stones. I aslo loved Black Sabbath, David Bowie, CCR, Three Dog Night, and Alice Cooper. Man no one played guitar like Bowie. I’m going with Cooper because of the song School’s Out.

Remember those glory days when Alice Cooper were still a group, before their lead singer absconded with the name for a solo career? The band released ‘School’s Out’ in 1972, featuring a title song so classic that it easily qualifies its parent album as one of the 10 top albums of 1972. Like every kid at the time I wanted school out forever.

School’s OutAlice CooperGlen BuxtonMichael BruceDennis DunawayNeal Smith ~ wikipeida.

It was the first song on the album School’s out. School’s Out is the fifth studio album by American rock band Alice Cooper, released in 1972. That was a fun song to sing along with my friends.

This was my third album of the band, I already had Love it to Death and Killer. I played the heck out these too. I eventually replaced them to cassettes. I never did buy the cds. I do listen to Alice Cooper on YouTube still.

I used to wear a lot of dark makeup like Cooper back in the 70’s. Goth before Goth was cool. For me, I just loved how haunting it made my blue eyes.

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