Wednesday one liner

“Wasn’t me”

At least, that’s what Shaggy wants us to believe.

I wish I could say it wasn’t me who took that ungraceful leap down the stairs either. Well I didn’t leap but I was carrying boxes and totally missed the step. I got up and continued like usual. Not my first fall, probably won’t be my last either.

Moving on.. yup it’s been two weeks and it still hurts. Yesterday, the bruising showed up after I slipped with my socks on the hardwood floor and the pain really got annoying. So I called the orthopedic doctor and made an appointment.

Moving on again…yup which news you want first.. I have a stress fracture. Well I kinda figured that one out. Torn Achilles…nah, I didn’t expect that. Ex ray wasn’t clear enough but looks like your ankle is broken. Need an mri to be conclusive before we do surgery. Now, I can say it WTF? I’ve already had 3 surgeries this year. This year has been seriously overrated, I’m ready for the next one.

MRI tomorrow….lucky me. At least, I don’t have to be closed inside the tube. After that I get the rest of the news.

Telling ya wasn’t me….sliding down the stairs with my foot extended. Wasn’t me…limping ….wasn’t me sporting a bag of ice.

Forky from Toy Story

Crochet request from a good friend. Hopefully he will be smiling One of us needs to after this day.

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