#FOWC -Insatiable


This week’s dining experiences definitely excited my palate. because I decided to take a cultural exploration with the new recipes. You can say my quest for expanding my skills is insatiable. I love cooking and I don’t want it to be mundane.

I began with Mexican, a new recipe with enchilada’s which was really good but I had to take Prilosec. Yeah, still having issues with reflux. I made a thai dish, it was tasty with lemongrass, fresh basil, crushed red pepper, spinach, and rice noodles with chicken but wasn’t filling. Eating cereal before bed is not good for the diet or the digestive tract. Today, we’re having Jamaican pork, smells divine but I am wondering how I’m going to do.

Thai chicken
Jamaican Pork

My husband swears I have an insatiable desire for bubble wrap clothing. If you’ve been reading my blog or following me on Facebook I took a tumble on the stairs back on September 30th when I was carrying boxes for the trip to Maine. Yeah, it hurt but I had a lot to do so I kept going. It didn’t bruise immediately so I assumed it wasn’t broke. Yup, that dang word assume, made an ass out of me. It got more uncomfortable but still didn’t bruise until the 14th. So I made an appointment with my orthopedic doctor from the last time I fell. Yup, I’m a klutz too.

To make a long story short, after an ex-ray and a MRI I broke the third metatarsal , over-extended the fibula tendon and tore my Achilles. Thankfully, it’s only a small tear but he won’t rule out surgery until after I spend a month in an air-cast.

I do stay off my foot until it’s time to cook dinner. I’ve been working on Sully to go with Olyvia’s Mike from Monsters Inc. It’s not at point to photograph yet. I think she’s going to be quite pleased.

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