#Laughing Along with a Limerick


Esther’s word for the day was scary.

Already knew this man’s contrary
going on a date may be scary
but being grounded helps
better than taking scalps
or hoping he’ll ask me to marry

Bird watching:

We had an interesting visitor on our wedding anniversary. It wasn’t easy capturing him with my camera with the cobweb blocking me from removing the window screen to get a better view.

Isn’t he stunning? I enjoyed seeing him but he did make all the other birds disappear except for the woodpecker who continued indulging on the suet.


The sharp-shinned hawk aka  (Accipiter striatus) is a small hawk. The males are the smallest hawks in the United States and Canada, but are glorious to watch.


I’m still working on Sully for Olyvia while I’m laying low on activity with the air cast.

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