10 fortune cookie messages.

Writing messages for strangers should be simple enough but then my self critic shows up and I’m over thinking the task. But then I remember all the good ones I’ve gotten over the years. How would I ever top those?

The first one that comes to mind to me is one I received many, many, many years ago… when fear hurts you, conquer it and defeat it. I carried that fortune in my wallet for years. I would randomly take it out of my wallet and hold it like it had some kind of hidden power for me.

Another one I received is the perfect love of your life is stepping into your world. I laughed and tossed that one away. Yeah right, there’s no such thing as the perfect love. I was in an abusive marriage and had given up on finding the love you read about in storybooks. Only fools drink that Kool-Aid. But then I began talking with a man in a writing group and he changed my opinions over time.( yup, I’m talking about Vic.)

After my divorce, I had gone to a Chinese restaurant with a friend of mine and the fortune cookie I got the message a new voyage will fill your life with untold memories. I put that one in my wallet with my fear one . I was early in the dating scene again with Vic and realizing how different his world was from mine. I was a small town girl and he was a city boy, all the things that were his norm were all new and intimidating to me but I knew moving here was easier for me than him relocating to Maine. Yes, I have gained many memories. And now we’re about to partake on the next voyage.

Land is always on a flying bird’s mind. I chuckled and added this one to my wallet as well. I’ve been an avid bird watcher for years but I never considered what goes through their mind. If I’m flying landing again definitely crosses my mind especially since I’m not fond of heights. Birds and me have a lot more in common then I thought.

Never give up. You’re not a failure if you keep trying. Makes me think of my Grandma always telling me try, try try again. I’ve told my children and my grandchildren the same thing. I wish I could hear her voice one more time.

You’re very talented in many ways. That one always makes me smile because I do love learning how to do new crafts.. Maybe one of my friends wrote this one..

Your shoes will make you happy today… if only that was true. It doesn’t seem to matter which shoe I wear right now, my foot aches all the time. I can’t wait until this injury heals. I swear this growing older isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. I remember thinking as a young person, I couldn’t wait to be an adult. Adults have it so easy. Yeah right, they have bills, mortgages, responsibility up the ying yang. Then add the health issues and how long each incident takes to heal. Broken bones when your young heal much faster than when your old. Shoes with the appropriate support aren’t the prettiest either.

I think I hung on to this one to give to my granddaughter who has a serious shoe fetish.

People are naturally attracted to you. I think I hung onto this one for those days that I struggled with feeling positive. That should be a given, if you treat people with compassion and sincerity than it comes full circle. But people tend to forget how to be compassionate. It’s all about them. I’m not like that never have been. I genuinely love helping other people. I’m typically a very happy person and that energy radiates. Remember the old adage a smile uses less muscles than a frown.

Life consists of not holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. Makes me think of all the pinochle games I played with my grandparents and parents over the years. My grandfather used to tease me that he always knew when I had a good hand because I beamed. It took me a while to learn how to mask my face regardless of my hand. It follows through with life as well, if we constantly play the cards dealt to you the same way, then the results will be the same. Some times we just have to look at the hand differently.

The last one I tucked in my wallet is you will conqueror obstacles to achieve success. Sometimes we just need a reminder that we can do it. I’ve struggled my whole life with a low self esteem. I’ve been told so many times that I’ll never amount to everything. That after a while I believed it. Those days are behind me but some of the collateral damage still lingers so gentle nudges in fortune cookies make a difference.

I have a box that I’ve kept over the years for my fortunes….I looked at them tonight when I came across this writing prompt. I’m still at a loss as to what would be the perfect fortune message. But I would start with:

Everyone is unique so be genuine.

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