Selling a home isn’t for the weak of heart

The process of making it look fresh and clean is time consuming. Whether you’re scrubbing all the trim or repainting it to hide any blemishes, it’s not a one day task. In this house, I’ve been at three months straight out to get the 2125 square feet looking great. Especially getting rid of all the black trim from the previous owner. That in itself was time consuming as all get out. Then waiting for my oldest son to have time in his schedule to bring staging down to reach the hallway. He set up two one feet ladders and then added adjustable planks to walk across. It looks awesome.

All the window dressing is done then onto removing all the personal stuff, heaven forbid a new perspective buyer see family pictures or decorations. They just want minimal artwork up and no clutter. That’s challenging with my husband who is notorious for hanging onto every scrap of paper and then some. His desk is always an eye sore to me. I’m at a loss as to how he functions there. Then the fun stuff of cleaning everything to make it look unoccupied.

The challenges of that is fun when you have cats who leaves their own dna everywhere. With all the stress of our adjusting to a one cat household. Macavity still springs down the stairs like he used to do to Yeatsie everyday and then slumps his shoulders and waits there. It’s been a difficult week since we took Yeatsie to be laid down. Macavity has just begun eating again.. I took Yeatsie’s beds to the shelter, along with the self feeders, cat towers, and the extra litter boxes. They were quite pleased to get the donations.

It was terrifying to Macavity to go to the car because he saw Yeatsie go in the car and then not return. He did better the second day in the car with us. I can’t say I blame him. I’m not thrilled at having to leave our house for 3 hour chunks at a time so people can wander through our home, snooping where ever.

This is my first time selling a home and it feels like I’m being violated. I’ve always cherished my privacy.

Last night, deciding what I wanted to cook and then thinking about all the clean up after diminished my usual joy in food preparation. Hopefully, this will be a quick process but having this as long term situation will definitely drive me insane.

Getting this house ready as sucked the energy out of me and then some. It’s been more so challenging with the foot injury. I’m not sure if it was good news on Wednesday when the doctor said it looks like the stress fractures have healed. Apparently, they missed that break in October when they did the initial exam. I can’t fault him because I saw the first MRI, it wasn’t clear. This one showed everything really well. ( The difference in technician’s was huge too.) This MRI showed I did have two breaks along with the over extended Achilles. The bad news is the tendons, they’re still inflamed and he couldn’t tell me how long before they cooperate.

My friends have been commenting on my lack of writing. Yes, it has fallen to the side, there’s only so many hours in a day and by the time I get what has to get done versus what I would rather be doing. If only I could split myself in two. Even that might not be enough.

It is what it is. Like the old adage, everything has a time.

Dedicated to Yeatsie, Purryl and Quasi… Macavity, Mom and Dad miss you so very much.

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