Story-a Day with Julie Duffy -4 and selling your house is not for the weak of heart, part 11.

Tying them all together.

It should have been a simple task for them but it wasn’t. Instead, every step taken toward our goal ends up being two backwards. She remembered her husband saying how worthless the word should really is. Grrrr. Why does everything have to be a hassle in their world?

The house that never stops giving, and people that push buttons continuously. The buyer withdrew again based on potential risks by the home inspection like our roof is showing age. Well, yes it is fourteen years old, it was replaced by the previous owner because it was leaking. He didn’t replace the inside rafters so they show water damage. But inside there is no water damage presently and there was none visible at the time. He also pointed all there was no barrier between the wood and the stone. Well, that is true. There isn’t a house in this development that has barriers, they weren’t required when this development was built.

Thankfully, the town occupancy inspector didn’t flag any of these issues so now it’s back to square one. Whatever that is? Our realtor is considering what he thinks should be our next step. All I know for sure I don’t want this buyer back in the picture. She’s offered, withdrew and then re-offered. I didn’t trust her and after seeing her in person I knew my gardens would never be loved as I hoped them to be. Gardeners know gardeners.

Reading the report, our house isn’t sloped enough, we sit on the highest elevation and never have standing water on our property but could possibly. Love all the possibilities, yeah lightning could strike our house tomorrow too!

Oh yeah, let’s not forget the carpenter bees buzzing around. Yes, the neighbor’s house has a nest in her roof but we’re penalized on the report because she has chosen to be neglectful. Seriously, we have no holes, no nests on our home. We did a thorough inspection after the pest guy commented on the bees. Brought it to the attention of the Architectural committee in our development. I think the HOA should absorb the cost because they do all the other pest management. What’s one more pest.

Do we write a rebuttal to the inspection or simply ignore it? Afterall, home inspectors make their money finding every possible flaw for the buyer. But seriously the things listed are ludicrous. All he did was give her an easy out. If she had seen the real beauty in our home she would have wanted it. Her loss.

Our electrical friend is putting the gfi needed in the kitchen this afternoon. That’s what the town inspector asked of us so we’re doing it. He was really nice unlike the buyers inspectors. I wonder does rudeness as an added bonus come with the inspection because he definitely had that covered and then some.

I pruned the rosebush on the back side because it was leaning into the neighbors walkway. I take my responsibilities as a neighbor seriously. They were budding last year at Mother’s Day but I don’t think they’ll be this year. The leaves are all a glorious red edge but no sign of new buds yet. I wasn’t sure I would have another season with them but looks like I will. I’ve shown pictures in other blog entries, the roses do really well here especially with the homebrew I give them regularly. Coffee grounds, chopped banana skins and crushed eggshells aka nitrogen, potassium and calcium all the things they need to flourish. I don’t believe in buying chemicals for my gardens, I try to be organic as much as possible.

Going to put some of the beer a friend left here last fall in aluminum pie pans to take care of the slugs that invade the hostas every year. I’m sure that’s not what Michelob intended for their product but it works for me. I’m not a beer drinker so she shouldn’t have left it either but she did so its not getting a new location. May have to put some out again after the rain clears out. If only the weather report was accurate but it hasn’t been yet this week and I don’t want the slugs to weaken my plants.

I did the six minute challenge earlier today with a bird picture. It was a stunning green with a red beak and a black mask around its eyes. None of the birds that come to our feeders in the back have that bold of a coloring except the American goldfinch with its vibrant yellow. Even the red-bellied woodpecker is dull in comparison to the picture chosen for the prompt. I love birdwatching. I was excited that we would have different birds to watch in Las Vegas area. I know we’ll get there just not with this buyer.

I will give Ms. Mediratta credit, sitting down to write 1000 words in one setting is definitely challenging for a woman who typically writes poetry. I know I will be thankful down the road for the experience but right now I feel like I’m pulling my hair out. One hundred and fifty more words to go. I know some writers set a time schedule and others a word count. I’ve always focused on the poetic feeling as to my ending. Not sure I can pull a poetic ending out of this narrative. Nor could I come up with a story I wanted to explore today as a response. Just too much stress coming from all directions.

Only good news of the day is James is doing better after his surgery. He’s not really into my scene/ beliefs but I did light a candle for him and ask the Goddess to keep him safe. That’s what friends do. I was reminded again today that all people come with good and bad. I’m very aware of that but I’m also aware of my limit or tolerance. I’ve been biting my tongue for a very long time even though this person did a very nice gesture when I was first had the health scare but unfortunately the things since don’t balance for me. It was also noted how judgmental as leaders we are if we don’t like someone how they need to go and why others haven’t been asked to leave who are mutually annoying well that has almost happened and may yet. But then there’s also the question who will take the group once I have relocated as in person leadership. Lots of things in the undercurrent, that are going to need answers. Among one of them is my needs versus theirs.

I look at the situation like a cut on my finger and see it as a metaphor for the world, how long do I let it bleed or do I simply bind it off and wait to see if time heals it.

Sorry my ending isn’t verbatim but it works for me. 1152 w/c

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