Story-a-Day with Julie Duffy- Day 5

Her grandmother’s charm bracelet sparkled whenever she wore it. The sunlight always found a way to make it the center of her attention no matter what they were doing. I swear even the moonlight found a way to enhance the beauty of the bracelet.

I would sit captivated as grandmother told the story of each charm. Every experience she shared was magical. I wanted to have that kind of magic too. I wished for a bracelet of mine but my mother and grandmother said I was too young to have an expensive bracelet. I had to be patient.

Patient was not something I wanted to be. I wanted a bracelet now.

What could it possible hurt if I borrowed my grandmother’s bracelet ? She didn’t wear it when she was cleaning house and I’ll put it back before she’s done. She’ll never know. I couldn’t wait to show my friends. I’ll tell them all the magical stories, they’ll be so jealous.

I snatched it from the jewelry box and scooted out the back door. I put it on my wrist and skipped to the playground where all my friends usually were at this time. I climbed on the monkey bars, giggling as some of the charms created prisms on the cement. It didn’t take long for my friends to gather to check out my bracelet. I shared my grandmother’s stories and embellished some of my own.

Judy’s older brother asked if we wanted to go down to the lake for a swim. Yeah, that sounded awesome to all of us so off we went. The water was so tempting with the humidity I dove right in. We splashed and swam for awhile before coming out to dry off. That’s when I realized the bracelet was gone.

Where could it be? I looked on the shore. I walked into the lake but the bottom was so murky from all of our horseplay I couldn’t see a thing. My grandmother is going to be so angry, I told Judy.

Judy shrugged and said it’s only costume jewelry, no big deal.

I knew better. My grandmother loved her bracelet and all the stories. I just ruined everything. How was I going to tell her. I sat down on a rock looking at the lake as my friends all left for dinner. I needed to think about what I was going to tell my grandmother. She’s going to be very upset but once my father finds out I’ll be lucky if I can sit in a month let alone today.

What to do?


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