Story-a-day day 6

Day 6 – Julie Duffy Wants You To Interview Your Character


Write an interview with a character who invented something that changed the world…years after the change took place.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Cavanaugh. Thank you for making time to respond to my inquiry about your updated article on January 13, 2021 about blow-up dolls.”

“My pleasure, Ms. Crain.”

” In the article, you indicated that blow-up dolls have been around since the 17th century, yet no one has claimed credit for being the creator.”

“Yes, the first documented proof is linked to Dutch sailors in the 17th century who used a doll made of cloth to relieve sexual tension during long sea voyages.”

“Interesting. Is there more documented proof of their existence?”

“The first recorded blow up doll appeared in psychiatrists Iwan Bloch’s book, “The Sexual Life of Our Time”. His book was published in 1908, described the doll to be used for sexual purposes.”

“There was speculation that Adolf Hitler ordered sex dolls for his German troops to keep the men away from Parisian brothels. Is that true?”

Mr. Cavanaugh rolled his eyes and cleared his throat before responding. “Yes, there is indeed speculation but upon further study there isn’t proof of this actually happening.”

“When did blow-up dolls become familiar to the general public?”

“After the sexual revolution of the late sixties, advertisements began to appear in magazines which allowed men and women to select dolls with different hair colors and styles to suit the customer’s desires. Over time the blow-up dolls have become realistic looking and multi-functional offering an interesting sexual experience.”

“Why do you think they’ve gained in popularity?”

“The best thing about blow-up sex dolls is that they provide the most realistic sex experience possible with a sex toy. These are popular among those who are into fantasy games, and also prove to be the perfect gift to a passionate friend.”


“The prices vary drastically by the quality and appearance. One can expect to spend from around one hundred dollars to five thousand dollars. “

“Geez, that’s crazy!”

“It comes down to how much realism you want to have with your sexual pleasure.”

“Thank you, Mr. Cavanaugh for your time.”

“Feel free to reach out anytime if you have questions about blow-up dolls.”

I decided to have fun with my interview prompt.

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