Wiccan Series

Part 4 Psychic Awareness

Have you ever stood next to someone and feel a powerful, delightful vibration? You feel drawn to them and want to spend more time with them
Have you ever stood next to someone and gotten a chill up your spine or felt repulsed? Oh yeah, too many times.
Can you tell immediately that you like someone or not?
Have you ever felt someone was standing to close and you had moved back instantly without knowing why?
This psychic energy or prana energy is in layman terms our sixth sense. It affects each of us differently. “The sixth sense is another term for extrasensory perception. Extrasensory perception (ESP) involves the reception of information not gained through the recognized senses and not internally originated.”~ Wikipedia. I’ve read books where the author stresses psychic energy and others that stress it is prana energy which is why I’ve noted both. According to Susan Shumsky, “Prana is the power within all things from basic particles to complex life forms. As the finest vital force in everything, prana manifests on the physical plane as motion and on the mental plane as thought. Prana is in the air, yet it is not oxygen or any other physical constituent. All living things absorb prana with every breath.” However, without prana, no organism would exist. Prana is life itself. Our bodies are alive because of prana. This energy is drained by our every thought, word, and deed and continuously replenished as well.
Psychic skills involve sensing or reading energy and then interpreting it without using the physical senses. This awareness is achieved directly from the subject matter and not by telepathy from the mind of another. Sensory details are important because they trigger the unconscious mind.
Learning to fine-tune the way our body and mind process information around us expands our well-being and our witchcraft skills.
For me, my sixth sense has protected me many times in my life. Some people refer to that feeling as a gut feeling but I always say it’s my sixth sense. I trust it instinctively now. Learning to trust the energy you sense will enrich your skills.
I’m sure there are people in this group that are more knowledgeable on prana energy than me and I would love for you to join in on the conversation. How do you use it to enhance your skills?
Blessed be.

Wiccan Series

Part 3 Psychic awareness
Finding inner peace is vital to the intellectual attainment we seek. What I need to achieve inner serenity is different than what it will be for you. Meditation to free one’s self is the key because carrying all that extra baggage (negative energy) hinders us in psychic development but also our everyday interactions. We don’t realize how much the bias influences everything we do. I know you’ve probably heard it before, but I’m going to repeat it. Let it go, don’t hinder yourself one moment longer.
Our planet is undergoing a major spiritual transition, and many individuals are struggling to find balance in their lives. People are seeking the old familiar ways more than ever. One thing that is clear the self-reliant and self-sufficient will flourish whereas the less capable will suffer. That’s why it is so vital to take control of our inner stability and strength.
Practicing meditation is the most profound way to increase our psychic awareness and our life. I suggest you read a reflection you find relaxing out loud and record it on your computer, phone or tape recorder so you can hear your voice as you meditate. Keep in mind we’re all unique, so it should be something that relates to you.
I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Hebrew proverb, “ Let the light penetrate the darkness until the darkness shines and there is no longer any division between the two,” but I find it a comforting reminder.
I’ve provided some helpful links if you’re not familiar with meditation.
Now, you’re probably wondering why this is important to our witchcraft. To use our magickal powers, we need to be able to focus, generate positive energy into the air and to connect with the goddess or god. After all, what’s the fun in being a witch if we’re not good at it. Especially since our psyche is a hidden doorway that is never closed into our collective unconsciousness first, then into the human race and beyond. Anything worth doing is worth mastering all the tools available.
Blessed be.
“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” —Dalai Lama
“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” —Wayne W. Dyer.
“If there’s no inner peace, people can’t give it to you. You have to give it to you.” —Linda Evans.

Wiccan Series

Part 2 of Fine Tuning Your Psychic Awareness.

Interaction in the human world at times is frustrating and exhausting but unfortunately necessary. So with that mind, it’s important in the development of your psychic powers to find a way to interact without losing one’s mind. As humans we vary drastically, some of us have a keen interest in people whereas others only want to get as far away as possible. I get it. I have my moments as well.
I’ve known people who prefer the planets, and yes it is a fascinating use of psychic powers. However, in reality, the higher a tree grows, the greater roots it needs to flourish. Our connection with people is essential to us same as the roots are to a tree.

Genuine interest in people is what matters. Expand your human contacts, The interest you show may be the beginning of real friendships but it also fosters understanding, compassion and psychic relatedness.

People consciously or not offer opportunities for genuine interaction all the time. Like for instance, someone posts or shares with you in real time a picture of something that matters to them. The opportunity is more than simply saying that’s nice or giving them a heart. It’s the perfect time to share in their life and have a glimpse into their world. It’s a moment of psychic awareness or relatedness in addition to furthering communication by letting people see the genuine warmth inside us we also hone our psychic skills.

Sadly, there are people we need to be wary of. Learning to recognize this will also help you from wasting precious time.

Being a good listener offers many rewards and the greatest joy is seeing a total stranger glow from your simple exchange.

In our desire to expand our psychic awareness we should never let it disturb our inner peace of mind, for any inward conflict will sabotage our achievements. Our psychic powers are part of our natural heritage but sadly we’ve distanced ourselves by using all the electronics we depend on daily.

Tomorrow, I discuss inner peace with you in Part 3 of this post on psychic awareness. Hope this finds you all in a magickally happy place. Blessed be.

Wiccan Series

Have you considered how important your attitude and way of life are to your psychic development? Research indicates that the best possible attitude enhances psychic development. Who doesn’t desire an inner feeling of happiness in their life? How many times have you heard boredom and stress are detrimental to your health? Which is why as adults we need to have fun. Spiritually it is so important. Our psychic abilities are all manifestations of life that exist as forms of energy. Positive energy we all need to live happy and fulfilled lives. But how can we encourage positive energy? People who live continually in contact with the natural world are more likely to be more psychic. Remember the last time you slept under the stars how energized you felt the next day. Imagine if you did it for three nights in a row. Researchers from Native Americans and African religions provide examples of how people have improved their psychic development by just getting in tune with the natural world. These skills helped them function better in their everyday human connections as well.
I encourage a long-term link with the natural world like astronomy or bird-watching or gardening. Whatever time you spend in the natural world, embrace your hobby but do take time to appreciate the sky above the ground below. Before you know you will steadily fill your psychic well without stress or strain. And it’s a lot more enjoyable than sitting on a hill waiting moment after moment to see if you will develop psychic skills.
Keep in mind this is only one step in uniting your psychic abilities in my opinion. Next. I’ll discuss the human connection. Until then blessed be.