Saturday stream of consciousness

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 18/2020

The word is link, my brain says it’s too early to think but the alternative could be put those hands in the kitchen sink. How many times do you have to go through this before you put on gloves. Roses have thorns. Just because you nurture them doesn’t mean you’re above their scorn.

Just do it. Cover your hands with a baking soda paste and wait. It’s not like you’re running a marathon today. All the thorns will loosen and maybe by then you might have an intelligent stream of consciousness response to link. I just need time to think of something to link but all that comes to mind are rhymes of a different time.

Link, think, when’s the last time you saw a mink? I’m not sure who was more startled you or the mink. It made you think of a mouse at first until the rest of its body appeared in your garden. You didn’t move and neither did it. He was doing an early evening snack raid. Guess he didn’t expect anyone to be there. But you were… sitting but not actually doing what you came out to do. You were mulling again.

And naturally your camera was inside the house, so no cool picture to link. Unlike today’s world where your camera is on your phone and attached to your hip but there’s no mink either. Just you trying to type with lots of thorns protruding because you are so damn stubborn to simply go make a mess over the kitchen sink.

Thank goodness for google, I found a mink. Now you see why I initially thought mouse. Look at that adorable little face. If only I could get the link to fit in this box

3 thoughts on “Saturday stream of consciousness

  1. That was fun to read. I, too, resist wearing gloves in gardening and then think, I should’ve worn gloves. It’s good to see a mink alive and well and not as part of a coat.


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